Kid Dazzles Crowd With Incredible Michael Jackson Dance Routine

Published January 1, 2017 55,029 Views

Rumble / Caught DancingInternet, meet Willie the Entertainer! The pint-sized Michael Jackson impersonator has taken the Internet by storm, showing off moves that would make the late King of Pop himself shed a tear of pride. Eight-year-old Willie Osborn, from Lansing, Michigan, may have been just a toddler when Michael Jackson died, but that does not stop him from being a massive fan of his work.

Through his parents sharing their favorite old-school music, their son has become familiar not just with the melodies and lyrics of songs and the names of artists, but he’s become a master at imitating their dance moves, especially those of the King. Videos of Willie performing his craft have started to make insane rounds across the web, and thousands upon thousands of fans have been dazzled by his show-stopping performances.

What is the most impressive is the accuracy with which the tiny impersonator imitates MJ’s trademark skills. Just look at that moonwalk! One particular performance by Willie that has gone super viral is his dance routine at a New Year’s Eve celebration at a Family Christian Center. You can tell from the loud cheers that the crowd really appreciated Willie’s interpretation of the classic “Black or White."

Who knows? Willie could someday segway into having a music career of his very own. With so much star power at such a young age, the future looks bright!