Watch This Epic Jet Ski Frisbee Trick Shot

BrodieSmith21Published: July 15, 2014Updated: July 29, 2014494,928 views
Published: July 15, 2014Updated: July 29, 2014

Brodie Smith is a world known Ultimate Disc League player and trick shot performer. Born in Jacksonville, Florida on August 29th 1987, this 30-year-old professional became Internet famous in 2011 when his Frisbee trick video went viral on YouTube.

Brodie’s first trick shot video, has gained over 5 million views in December 2015. In that video, you can see Brodie completing throws into trash cans and other target in very difficult situations. His trick shot videos have led him onto the national media stage with many appearances on ESPN Sport Center’s ‘Top Plays’.

Smith has taken his game worldwide, so he has decided to travel to China, Dubai and India. He said that indoor shots take between one to five tries until he succeeds. Outdoor shots with wind and everything else, might take ten to fifteen shots to take the perfect video. He also said: ‘I never chased money or fame, I chased my passion. If you are truly passionate about something, you’ll find a way to make it work for you.’

In this video, Brodie Smith launches a frisbee towards a moving jet ski in Miami Beach, Florida for an epic catch! He managed to pull off this amazing frisbee throw aiming a moving jet ski with two people on it. The shot was filmed both from the beach and from the jet ski for a better view. The crowd on the beach was pretty amazed, screaming and cheering Brodie’s success.

How many attempts do you think that took? Only one?

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