Clumsy Dog Attempts To Catch Frisbee, Catches Camera Instead

StoryfulPublished: August 11, 2017158 views
Published: August 11, 2017

Dogs are creatures of simple pleasures. They like their owners, their food bowls, they like their walks to the dog park and the occasional thrown frisbee. Maybe not all dogs like to catch a flying plastic saucer, but those who do, do it with such elan, it is like they learn to fly in that exact moment.

This dog seems to really love catching a frisbee with her owner Tyler, but looks like she is too eager to do it. The pooch is sitting patiently by Tyler’s feet, in the backyard of Tyler’s home in Mishawaka, Indiana, USA and waiting for him to throw the plastic projectile. The moment he shoots the frisbee, the dog runs towards it.

On the other end is a friend of Tyler’s, camera ready to capture the dog’s awesome mid-air action, but what they didn’t expect was the dog overcompensating for her eagerness and misjudging the frisbee’s trajectory. She jumps a bit too soon and misses the toy by an inch.

You have to wait until the very end to get your daily dose of a good laugh. The dog does miss the frisbee, but instead manages to “catch” Tyler’s friend’s camera as he was recording the action. She falls nose first into the lens and topples down, human in tow.

In case you missed it, the slo-mo is repeated one more time, to get a clear look at the dog’s “oops” expression, as she flies right into the guy’s face! Just priceless!

Credit: Tyler Burson via Storyful

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