Clever Dog Figures Out Bottle Puzzle For Treats

9 years ago

Pet owners prepare to laugh and be amazed as this is one video that should not be missed! In this video, meet Bella - the Belgian Malinois! According to her owner, "I've had this toy made for Bella because she eats too fast when I put food in her bowl. Also because she has a lot of energy, her breed is extremely intelligent, she has a big will to please, and she wants to play all the time!" Watch Bella in action as she attempts to beat the game for a few treats!

Isn't this dog just adorable? The fact that she found out how the toy worked in such a short period of time really does show how smart she is! This really does show that dogs can get really intelligent if food is on the line! This little toy is so easy to make as well that any dog owner could make it for their canine friend! This will surely keep the pet busy for awhile!

This dog really did figure this toy out really fast so it looks like her owner is going to need to get more dog treats from Amazon to satisfy Bella!

On the subject of clever pups and their love for puzzles, you just have to see this clever little guy. It doesn’t matter how challenging the puzzle, Ripley the dog is up to the task. Whether it’s getting balls, stuffing, or treats, Ripley loves to retrieve stuff. That’s why his human makes him loads of different contraptions out of cardboard and plastic bottles for Ripley to figure out and he does, every single time!

Do you have any innovative dog toys or gadgets? Let us know down in the comments!

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