Dachshund Pretends To Be Asleep, Then Steals Dog Toy

AlwaysHungryCatPublished: April 4, 2016Updated: April 5, 2016697,465 views
Published: April 4, 2016Updated: April 5, 2016

Margo the dog does not feel like sharing her toy with Pepper the dachshund. Therefore, Pepper comes up with the clever idea of pretending to be asleep in order to get Margo to drop her guard. It works, but the enjoyment is short lived as Margo steals it right back!

Dogs are interesting creatures. A common trait that you will find with almost every dog is that they get bored of one toy when they see someone else playing with another. Who knows what it's all about, but sometimes it makes for hilarious moments. In this video, it is not just a toy, but a toy duck that is the basis of a mutual want for two adorable dogs. Who will win, Margo or Pepper?

Margo, being a larger dog, manages to usurp the toy and refuses to share it with his tiny buddy. When Pepper loses his favorite toy to his big pal he comes up with a master plan how to steal back the toy! Watch how he pretends to be asleep and waits for Margo to take her guard down and loosen up, in order to snatch the toy away! Unfortunately, good things last short and the toy is soon back in Margo’s grip!

Once again Pepper loses its favorite toy to Margo, but he doesn't give up on trying to steal it. They say that persistence always pays off, and Pepper will be patiently waiting for his chance to shine. Next time he will be more alert and try to steal the toy for good! You have got to have quick reflexes and act fast!

Check out this hilarious battle for a duck toy between two adorable dogs!

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    Aaron88 · 2 years ago

    Everything begins with that yawn on 00:15 xD