Craftsman Made A Table That Folds In One Second And We Want It

Published July 11, 2014 188 Plays

Rumble / Do It YourselfIn a day and age when smaller is better due to affordability and maintenance, people have been throwing their backs in finding out ways to make stuff multipurpose or have them take up less space than needed.

These new age pieces of interior are becoming more functional and less bulky, to the point where you might mistake them for pieces of art. Tables and chairs that fold and can be stowed away in the tiniest nook and cranny are what people of today are looking for. It’s a very good business too.

Maker, inventor, woodworker, furniture designer, and lover of hand drills Izzy Swan has been making stuff for most of his life and loves to share what he creates. One of his latest inventions is this cleverly designed table that folds up in about one second and makes for quick set up and take down for those occasions when you need a little extra table room!

Check it out! From 'Think Woodwork' with Izzy Swan.

If you like this kind of furniture, but you are looking for something more indoorsy, then you should definitely check out this set of dining room table and chairs that fold flat and still look dapper enough for when the in-laws comes for a visit! They will never know how you managed to place that huge round table into that tiny dining room!