7 years ago

Carpenter Made A Picnic Table That Folds Into A Box

Every day there is some sort of innovation going around the world. From advancements in technology, to solving our day to day struggles, someone is out there trying come up with idea to make something better, awesome! That is exactly what is going on in the video.

Izzy Swan created this genius table which is able to unfold from a 20x20x30 inch box into a full-size four person picnic table! This is incredible, the table can be moved to anywhere you want without any struggle. Not only is it functional, but it also looks very nice too! What a great addition to the back yard !

Would you ever use this fold-able table? It is perfect for a nice barbecue with family and friends! It is even great for a picnic ! It can be used for whatever you want, so great! With it being so easy to move around, having one in your garage can do no harm at all! It doesn't take a lot of time to open up and it also doesn't take up a lot of room, best of both worlds!

If you happen to find your self with some free time on your hands, this video might be just for you! Watch this awesome fold-able table! Maybe it's time to get one of these tables for yourself!

Check out 'Thinkwoodworks' for more!

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