Little Girl Attempts To Negotiate Cupcake Dessert

TurdtasticPublished: July 11, 2014Updated: July 15, 2014262,635 views
Published: July 11, 2014Updated: July 15, 2014

You never know what kids are going to do, that's when having a camera on your phone comes convenient. You can whip out your phone and record everything in an instant, just like this parent. Trust us, memories are made to last in the digital era.

Kids are always up to no good when it comes to finishing their meals! Did your kids have any particular food that they didn’t want to eat? What about you? Do you remember what you hated and what you absolutely loved seeing on your plate when you were young? Here's an adorable example of a truly picky eater.. According to her father, "After a busy afternoon of running errands we made a rare stop for fast food. My daughter, always the finicky eater, decided she wanted to skip the burger and fries and go straight to the dessert. Negotiating for a cupcake is hard work!"

Check out these awesome negotiation skills on this little girl. She knows that in order to get her cupcake she has to polish her plate, but she tries each and every way possible to delay that chore. She probably thinks that if she gets that cupcake boost, she’ll be able to do it in no time. What do you think? Should children be encouraged to eat only what they want and however much they want or should they be pressured to eat all that nutrient-packed food? Let us know more in the comments down below.

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