Little Girl Is Adorably Hangry

Published May 3, 2017 7,835 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsWe all know that one friend who gets hangry when they havn't had anything to eat in a while! Well this adorable little girl certainly is hungry and angry while sitting in this restaurant, and she doesn't understand what is taking so long for the food to come out!


  • Tennesseehoney, 3 years ago

    Oh yes super cute to teach our children to be demanding, rude, disrespectful and impatient so they can be that woman calling 911 at mcdonalds because its breakfast and they cant get nuggets. Or that ass hole of a husband that hogs down his dinner, farts and walks away from the table without saying thanks or putting his dish in the sink because his mother taught him to be an entitled hood rat. Im sorry but id rather see a video of this child saying "yes please" and "thank you ma'am" to the waitress.

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