Baby Siblings Argue About Laundry Room Dryer

rumblestaff Published July 7, 2014 30,324 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsAt such a young age these siblings have found a reason to argue as it seems. If you happen to have a sibling, whether it is a brother or a sister, you probably know about the headaches that come from those kind of encounters. Here we have two siblings, a little brother and sister that are obviously having a "bad day" and so they meet in the laundry room to discuss their opinions.

Not far into the conversation they stumble upon a unbreakable barrier... And the entire situation becomes beyond hilarious! We have to admit, we really love watching babies and kids videos, we could do it all day! Do we need to explain why? You're gonna find out in just a few seconds watching this one here!

What really made us wonder, though, is the core of this adorable conversation - are they fighting over the dryer? Are they discussing about their daily choirs around the house? Does it really matter?

The point is, it's super funny to listen to these two mischievous siblings as they're really getting talkative. Moreover, they can't seem to stop talking! But we here reached a verdict after playing this clip a couple of times. We believe they couldn't decide if their favorite toy will fit the drier, and that's when it all started! They probably decide to give their toy a nice good wash and then put it in the drier. What a dilemma! Now over to you. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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