Sibling rivalry over Frozen

Published October 14, 2017 26 Plays

Rumble Little girl trying to show off her moves whilst her sibling keeps secretly stealing the spotlight. Take a look at these two girls,the one in front does not want the other to dance and she slyly keeps her eye on the girl,who is dancing behind her back, but every time she turns her head the little girl stops and freezes, the one in front has an inkling that she is dancing behind her so she keeps trying to catch her out. when she finally sees her she is not happy at all and pushes her over. The little girl falls on a toy and goes mad, she picks up a bat that is lay on the sofa and waves it round before throwing it back down. She screams at her and stomps of. The little girl starts to laugh making the other girl more angry and tells her to stop laughing, which she doesn't, so she goes over to the person filming the whole thing and hits her so she will stop filming ,this is typical sibling behavior and is very funny to watch how they act.