This Cool Goat Is On A Mission To Balance On A Blow-Up Chair

Published June 28, 2014 5,851 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe all know that goats are strong-minded. They have the reputation of being stubborn and misbehaved but once you understand their behavior it becomes easy to manage it. Another interesting feature is that goats are very inquisitive and curious. Watch this video and these facts will become as clear as a day.

Who would have guessed that goats are not that demanding when it comes to fixations and play? Judging by the video, being a goat must be pretty cool! They seem ease to please. One inflatable chair in the back of the yard is all you ever need with your little goat friend. This hilarious black goat can not have enough of its little crazy game. And why does it do it? Who knows, maybe it is its own way of showing love, affection and commitment. Maybe if it succeeds to entertain its owner, the prize will be well-deserved. The goat puts on test its balancing skills and it seems so resolved that one day it would be possible for it to stand right in the center of the chair like a real winner. And it does not want to give up.

For this goat it seems, the greater the obstacle, the sweeter the pain. And just for the fraction of a second we see that it actually manages to stand on the chair but then it falls back again. Is it because it has hit its head and banged its horns many times that it gives up at the end? Or is it because it realizes that there are other things to play with? Like the book for example? No one knows.