RPG Maker VX: ACE Gather Followers Tutorial

ProdigyWrightPublished: June 21, 2014163 views
Published: June 21, 2014

This tutorial is to show how to gather your followers/party "into" your main character when
A) they are in a "caterpillar" formation (like in a dungeon or something) or

B) they are in seperate parts or a room (as events)

For the first demonstration:
-Make sure Show Player Followers is checked (in Database, in system to the right under Options)
-Make sure you actually HAVE people in your party (again in system, but this time under initial party)

-For the boss event
-Two insert texts then:

- Gather Followers
-Change Player Followers: OFF (if you want the caterpillar to come back turn this ON with another event)

For example 2:
-Uncheck the player followers this time. They are wandering around the room or whatever and NOT following you.
-For each player character event I named them Player 1, 2, 3 and gave them text
Transfer Event:
-Priority: Under Character
-Trigger: Action Button
-Walking and Stepping animations checked

-Text: Gather your party and venture forth?
-Show choices (yes, no)
-On yes:
Set Move Route (Player 1)
-Through off
-Right x7, Down x1, Transparent On, Down x1

Set Move Route (Player 2)
-Through off
-Right x5, transparent on, up x1

Set Move Route (player 3)
-Through on
-Right x7, transparent on, Up x1

It looks a little bit screwy here, you can add a move route for players 2 and 3 to Face up before turning them transparent to make it smoother, I just didn't feel like recording again for something so small

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