This Bunch Of Kittens Are Curious In Sync

Published June 16, 2014 1,103 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensKittens are in the animal world what rosebuds are in the garden. And this video reminds us on those nursery songs for children where the little kittens lost their mittens and all began to cry or where the little kittens went to the park to play on a lovely summer day. Well, these little kittens neither lost their mittens nor did they go to the park to play because they have just “come our fresh from the oven” and they all look like they have seen something special. And when you are that young, everything must look interesting.

These kittens are a new spark of life in the softest fur possible. Their eyes tell of pure energy tempered by an undercurrent of curiosity. They do not even leap with that sudden pounce of a tiger but their brisk movements from left to right and right to left suggest that something really amusing is going on up there. It makes you wonder and jump in there, just to find out what are they following so intensely with their soft blue eyes in such a mesmerizing fashion. They act like something totally out of their scope of knowledge is dancing in the air. At some point one of the kittens backs up and curls up into the other kittens as if she had seen a ghost.

And the only thing that a cat worries about is what is happening right now. It won’t be long before they are pure cats, independent and sassy but not yet though. They are still little, losing their balance and wondering miraculously what is hanging over their cute heads.