Gorgeous Cat Is Surprised By The Feeling Of Brushed Teeth

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Published: November 23, 2017

Someone once said that cleanliness is next to godliness and this includes brushing your teeth. Whether it’s after you wake up, after a meal or before bed, brushing those pearly whites not only rids you of the foul smell that gathers in your mouth, but it keeps those nasty bugs from doing further damage to your teeth and gums. Everything starts in the mouth.

One might think that brushing teeth is a human thing, but more and more veterinarians advise pet owners they should brush their pet’s teeth as well. In the wild, animals gnaw on raw bones, wood or grass to rub the layered up gunk on their teeth. Domesticated animals can’t find such items, so a lot of them can be seen falling ill to rotten teeth. Still, just because Mr. Whiskers won’t hold still for you to brush his dentures, doesn’t mean that he won’t be thankful for the service.

Take a look at this gorgeous kitty for example. Her owner teases her with a soft charcoal toothbrush, as if to play with it, but as soon as the cat bites on the brush, he wiggles it back and forth to get all of her teeth before the feline changes her mind.

The feeling of the bristles tickling her gums clearly caught this gorgeous Ragdoll by surprise, because even when the brush comes out, the dumbstruck look in her blue eyes remains.

If you would like to brush your furbaby’s teeth, make sure you get a brush and paste made especially for cats. The brushes are far smaller and softer and the toothpaste tastes like chicken! By all means do not use human toothpaste, because it contains chemicals that can be harmful to your kitty.

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