Speeding Truck Hits Brakes Right Before Collision With Oncoming Vehicle

Published May 6, 2014 666,533 Views

Rumble / Dash Cam FootageDash cam footage was showing the moment when a speeding Volvo truck managed to avoid colliding with an oncoming van by slamming the brakes at the last second. The incident took place on a highway between Krasnodar and Novorossiysk in Russia. Russians are well known for their dash cam footage videos that are circling the internet, the most famous ones probably being the videos that recorded the meteorite that fired up the sky in Russia's Ural region.

A fun fact you might not know is that almost every driver in Russia is equipped with a dash cam to prove his innocence in a possible mishap. This is the best way for law enforcement to see what exactly happened, so they can go after the right people and punish them for their mistake.

Always remember that driving safely and responsibly is of the utmost importance, as it's not only your life at stake but also the lives of every participant in the traffic. We all have somebody that is waiting for us at home and is worried for us, so don't be that person that due to irresponsibility ruins whole families. Always keep that in mind, and obey the traffic laws. They exist for a reason.

A driver must not drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed that is more prominent than is sensible and reasonable as indicated by the conditions and risks on or close The interstate. A driver must exercise due consideration and consideration and rational thought for other Individuals. A driver must control the speed of a vehicle to dodge an impact with individuals, cars, animals or other impediments on the highway.

Speeding can be very risky, but keep in mind that the safest speed is not always the slowest speed. If you drive much more time-consuming than surrounding traffic is operating, other drivers might get frustrated and try to pass you, and that can cause an accident if they are a lot of cars on the highway. What you are aiming for is a speed appropriate for the conditions in which you are driving, and always make sure you have proper driving education, a license, if you are not confident about your driving skills make sure you get extra driving lessons.

Just take a look at this dashcam footage that shows confused driver causing a pile up on the highway!

Dash cam video from an extremely distracted driver captures the moment she completely totals a white 2016 Ford Focus SE Sport by slamming into the back of it, causing a pile-up on the highway. She was driving a Ford Explorer at around 60 mph, completely unaware that the cars ahead of her were at a complete stop!

Footage displays the terrifying moment when a reckless driver crushes her vehicle into stopped traffic and results in a collision!

These videos are terrifying, but the reason why we are showing it to you is that sometimes videos like this can be an eye-opening wake-up call about driving!