Story Time With Emily Episode #5

10 months ago

Imagine going through all the motions to become a teacher, only to be prescribed this book to read to your grade 4 class.

Let's Talk About It is recommended for Intermediate age students. That's age 10 and up.

Is anal play really a topic that we need our grade 4 teachers discussing with their class? Is that not a bit much to ask of our teachers? Have our teachers been properly trained on how to deliver this information? Has anyone asked our teachers if this is a lesson they wish to teach?

What path has our public education system begun to go down? How long are we going to stand by and not say anything about it?

This book can be found in public schools across BC, like in School District 20 at Stanley Humphries Secondary School, or in School District 8 in J.V. Humphries Elementary School.

Let us know in the comments how you feel about teachers being recommended to read this book to their students at school. If your a teacher, let us know how you feel about being put in a position to potentially have to read this book to other peoples children.

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