International Covid Summit III - Part 1 - European Parliament, Brussels

4 months ago

The International Covid Summit III in the European Parliament, Brussels
Introduction by Dr. Robert Malone
May 3, 2023

This was live streamed the day of the event but for those that missed all or part of the 8 hours of testimony, below are videos of the morning and afternoon session, with all of the speakers and the titles of their presentations listed below the videos.

This was an historic event, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Most of the speakers, myself included paid our own way to attend and make this event happen. My fellow scientists and physicians are dedicated to medical freedom and getting data about COVID-19 out to the world. I also again wish to thank the people who donated to make this happen.

To go to a specific speaker in the video, look for the timestamp in the speaker list below and scroll to that portion of the video.


Welcoming Remarks From Members Of The European Parliament

• Mr. Cristian Terhes (Romania) – European Conservatives & Reformists (1.10)
• Mr. Ivan Vilibor Sincic, (Croatia) – Non-Attached Member of the European Parliament (4.26)

Welcome Address From The ICS Organizational Team

• Dr. Stephen Malthouse (Canada) – Moderator (10.25)

Covid- 19: The Whole Truth From The Beginning

• Dr. David Martin (USA) – The Gathering Storm, The Cost Of Silenced Questions (12.56)
• Nick Hudson (South Africa) – Mandates And Lockdowns Without Data Or Science (34.32)
• Professor Ciroisidoro (Italy) – Covid-19: A Novel Disease That Resembles An Old Disease (52.06)
• Professor Giovanni Meledandri (Italy) – Interdisciplinary Insights From The Sars-Cov-2 And Covid-19 (1.09.00)
• Dr. Andrea Stramezzi (Italy) – Early Responses: Boots On The Ground In Italy (1.29.00)

Effects Of Mandates, Early Treatment And Media

• Dr. Louis Fouche (France) – Effects Of Mandates – Masks And Lockdowns (1.50.00)
• Professor Philippe Brouqui (France) – Early Treatment: Hydroxychloroquine And The IHU (2.09.00)
• Dr. Pierre Kory (USA) – Ivermectin And Suppression Of Early Treatment (2.24.00)
• Jason Christof (Canada) – Media Over Medicine: The Power Of Media (2.43.04)

The Covid – 19 Vaccine: Trial Data And The Efficacy

• Dr. Byram Bridle (Canada) – The Covid-19 Vaccine Trials (2.59.24)
• Dr. Harvey Risch (USA) – The Efficacy Of The Covid-19 Vaccines (3.17.33)


International Covid Summit III – European Parliament, Brussels – May 2023

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