IoJ Speaking Truth To Power (Exposing W.H.O. Crimes) May 3, 2023 HHS Stakeholder Listening Session Unlisted Video

1 year ago

Epic Video Of Dustin Bryce from Interest of Justice Speaking Truth To Power In May 3, 2023 HHS Stakeholder Listening Session In Preparation Of The 76th WHA. (Exposing W.H.O. Crimes)

This session was to "advise the US Government prior to the 76th WHA".

They are now advised why they must exit the WHO.

You are welcome.

Please support the official Exit the WHO and Sue The WHO fund here:

FIRST Item: 17.10 WHO reform.
It is very obvious World Health Organization is not functional and needs reforming. However, it is also very obvious that there are structural defects, which are inherent within the make up of the WHO, which make it nearly impossible to reform the WHO.

How can the WHO be reformed when they claim sovereignty so you have to go through their own remedy system which is non responsive, such as claim # 881786000902 and 637327854202?

The WHO even made rules that will allow for the confidentialities of crimes! Its set up in a way they do not have to reform because they choose to censor the whistleblowers, to control information and ignore facts proving the WHO pseudo science is actually destroying the determinants of health. This is very dangerous for US to be so heavily reliant on the WHO failing captured regulatory "health" oversight.

We agree the WHO does need to reform, however, as a WHO recognized stakeholder in pandemic preparedness and response, we need the HHS to understand that even a recognized stakeholder cannot get anything done within the WHO internal oversight system, despite having filed multiple charges since December 2022.

The people that you hired WHO to serve are injured, vulnerable and completely defenseless against the imbalance of power of the non reformable and non responsive WHO.

In the opinion of our organizations, many scholars, historians and thousands of recently censored dissenting medical experts, such as our Chief Scientist Dr. Yeadon, the former VP of Pfizer, the WHO should be prohibited as a private monopoly which interferes with commerce and lessens health and scientific standards due to political interference in scientific decision making and clear conflicts of interest.

HHS does not need to waste time in WHA meetings hashing out how to reform the failing WHO. Its too burdensome of a proposition and a waste of time and money. Far more important is the obligation that HHS has to uphold scientific integrity and accountability. To us stakeholders, that means HHS needs to prohibit any further funding and collaborations until the WHO can provide a shred of evidence to challenge our Chief Scientists peer reviewed evidence that shows the PCR test makes false positives and therefore the covid emergency is a fraud.

The charges that are still unanswered by the WHO are very serious charges of fraud. Our unanswered charges of WHO fraud are backed by real science of the rigor HHS accepts, which show the entire declaration of emergency is in bad faith and a violation of international law. HHS cant keep the relationship going with the WHO if the HHS wants to be in conformity with law, science and their ethical obligations to ensure science and accountability in their collaborators.

SECOND item: item 23. Audit and oversight matters.
First, Interest of Justice, Free Speech Association, Stop Agenda 2030 institute, Health Rights Association would like to give a friendly thank you for accepting our RSVP on such late notice:

According to UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES POLICIES AND PRINCIPLES FOR ASSURING SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY first paragraph: “HHS uses scientific information to support and inform policy and program decision making. Accordingly, scientific and scholarly information developed by the Department or considered in Departmental decision making must be of the highest quality and the result of rigorous scientific and scholarly processes. Most importantly, it must be trustworthy. Accordingly, maintaining the integrity of our scientific and technical activities is essential.”

The WHO's science is not trustworthy. We repeat. The WHO is not trustworthy insofar as their technical recommendations for covid-19 go. In reality the majority of WHO recommendations are completely unscientific and all WHO guidance says they are not liable for damages from taking their scientific advice. So they are unscientific and unaccountable.

When we say the WHO is untrustworthy to rely on for science we are not exaggerating. WHO is failing to respond to serious charges against the DG and chief scientist as well as against the organization regarding breach of duty under all of the ethics and research guidance, including the UN procurement standards of conduct. These issues affect the invalidity of the relationship with the WHO at this point where independent oversight and accountability is wholly illusory and a false promise which injures US Citizens and the entire International Community.

Due to the lack of accountability there is no functional audit and oversight of the WHO.

We believe it is in the best interest for the United States and all member states to immediately withdraw from the WHO and not adopt any further negotiations towards IHR amendments, pandemic treaty, Agenda 2023, SDG, Strategic Dialogue or otherwise.

At this point HHS is under an obligation to exit the WHO because they are not functional, as demonstrated by the lack of response to multiple charges.

THIRD Item, 24: Collaboration within the United Nations system and with other intergovernmental organizations
So far collaboration within the United Nations system, and other intergovernmental organizations includes the Covid Action Platform, which was the brain child of Klauss Schwab of the WEF, after speaking with 200 of his capitalist stakeholder members of the World Economic Forum. They decided for the first time in history the private sector will assist in a pandemic response.

This collaboration within the United Nations system is now scrubbed online because it was the worst idea in history.

This collaboration within the UN system is a disastrous public private monopoly that has proven to destroy economies and destroy lives based on intentionally horribly unscientific WHO measures.

The UN collaborations caused HHS to be involved with monopolized information and committing delicts under UN direction and control. It is our opinion and our wish that HHS quickly exit the WHO and UN system and cease all UN collaborations because the UN and WHO are not trustworthy for science and are not answering to our multiple charges of fraud, serious undue psychological and medical experimentation and crimes against humanity.

HHS should agree that their collaborators and partners are responsive to charges and disprove all charges, or remedy the errors. UN is above the law and people widely feel the WHO is acting as our unaccountable overlords. Collaboration within the UN system is untenable and will be the downfall of our republic.

Our organizations cannot stress enough how important it is to exit the WHO and cease all collaboration within the UN system.

We will send a longer explanation before the written comments deadline. Please exit the WHO and stop wasting time and money debating the unscientific agendas in WHA. (Sign The Global Demands)

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