Webinar | Plandemics – What are they planning for your next public health emergency?

1 year ago

Biden just signed a bill ending the Covid-19 national emergency. Can we relax and rejoice that the pandemic is over, or are we just being given a reprieve between “plandemics”?

What infrastructure was laid during the Covid-19 pandemic that could be used to destroy our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom in the case of another pandemic?

What progress has been made in the creation of mandatory digital IDs, that can be used as the basis of the China Social Credit system of surveillance and totalitarian control – under the pretext of protecting our health?

What impact would the passage of the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, as well as the new pandemic treaty, have on our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom?

Is the new FED NOW system – to go live in July – an alternative to the CBDC, or a first step towards it?

Was a trap set in the last pandemic that will snap shut in the next one?

Co-Host and Moderator

- Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, Co-Chair of the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force. A graduate of Yale Law School, she is an expert on coercive population control and human rights in China and has testified nine times at the United States Congress. She equally focuses her efforts on stopping Chinese-style tyranny from spreading to the United States and worldwide through a totalitarian biotech surveillance state.
· Topic: Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies – Will the infrastructure laid in the Covid-19 pandemic trap us in the next one?


- Sasha Latypova, Ex-pharma/biotech with 25 years of experience in clinical trials, clinical technologies and regulatory approvals. Owned and managed several contract research organizations and worked for 60+ pharma companies worldwide. Interacted with FDA as part of a scientific industry consortium on improving cardiac safety assessments in clinical trials. Substack: Due Diligence and Art
· Topic: The weaponization of healthcare: How healthcare was taken over by the military, pharmaceutical industry and government cartel.

- Katherine Watt, political and social commentator, paralegal, author of the Substack Bailiwick News
· Topic: Plandemics and the Manipulation of Language: Translating the Lies into Truth

- Dr. Steven Hatfill, M.D., M.Sc., M.Sc., M.Med., Former Senior Medical Advisor to the Executive Office of the President; Member Team B III; author, “Three Seconds to Midnight,” co-author of “The CCP is at War with America”
· Topic: An alternative approach to the WHO – Pandemic response should be localized, not globalized.

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