What Do HIV and COVID Have in Common - Interview with David Rasnick, PhD

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Listen to this episode of the Medical Truth Podcast as Host James Egidio interviews Dr. David Rasnick, Ph.D., who unpacks the similarities between the AIDS epidemic and COVID-19. Dr. Rasnick has over 40 years of experience as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry and is the Co-Founder of viral forensics from 2015-2017. His expertise includes AIDS, Arthritis, Cancer, Emphysema, and Parasites. He is also credited for working on the Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel in South Africa and wrote a famous paper titled “Tyrany of Dogma” in 2015 describing how medical science has gone rogue since 1981. In 2020 when the COVID pandemic broke, he noticed the same inconsistencies in the “Science” of both outbreaks. He started to investigate it in detail along with Robert F. Kennedy, Journalist John Rappaport, and various other credible scientists. Go to www.MedicalTruthPodcast.com for this and previous episodes as well as resources

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