Dinesh D'Souza interviews Larry Sinclair about his 2 sexual encounters with Chicago Senator Barack Obama in 1999

1 year ago

3 of Barack Obama's alleged ex-gay lovers murdered in a 6 week period in 2007

Dinesh D'Souza sits down and talks to Larry Sinclair in 2020 about his sexual encounters with the then Chicago Senator known as BATH HOUSE BARRY SOETARO. He talks about Joe Bidens son Bo Biden as Attorney General of Delaware coming after him later on.

I use to listen to Jeff Rense radio back in 2008 where Larry Sinclair was a guest a few times as he went PUBLIC with his 1999 homosexual encounters with young Senator Barack Obama as he learned of the 3 young gay black men from the same church as Obama get ARKANCIDED in a 6 week period just as Barack Obama started his Presidential Campaign. Larry worried for his life so went public just like Gennifer Flowers went public about her affair with Bill Clinton and wrote a book because she soon found out if you don't then they have a reason to ARKANCIDE you.

Source: Understanding the Lies

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