Joe Rogan Calls Trudeau, Ardern & Newsom “Demons”

1 year ago

'DEMONS': Joe Rogan blasts Trudeau, Ardern, Newsom
By Joshua Young
The Post Millennial
January 20, 2023

On Wednesday's episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, the host spoke to independent researchers Jimmy Corsetti and Ben van Kerkwyk and the trio discussed how Covid brought out the Orwellian nature of leaders like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and outgoing Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern.

"Covid came along and they saw an opportunity to control people and a reason to do so," Rogan said. "'We're all in danger' and they exaggerate that danger greatly and use it to clamp down on you and force you into these pharmaceutical drugs that you have to take and 'do this' and 'do that,' 'we gotta lock ya home' and 'stay here' and 'we're gonna redistribute wealth.'"

"It's like, whoa, you guys are f*cking demons. I didn't know you were demons. I thought you were just governors and mayors and sh*t," Rogan added.

Earlier, Corsetti was describing the characteristics of authoritarian tyranny and said such leaders, "They'll go after the comedians, they'll go after the teachers and because it's going to be complete control at a certain point""What's her face down there in New Zealand?" Corsetti asked, loo

"Jacinda Ardern," van Kerkwyk replied.

"What did she say? 'Anyone other than the government giving you information is false.'"

In 2020, Ardern said of her and her government, "We will continue to be your single source of truth… Unless you hear it from us it is not the truth."

New Zealand imposed some of the strictest Covid restrictions in the world under her leadership. Ardern and other officials attempted to keep people in their homes and even books were deemed "non-essential" towards that goal.

"She's literally Orwellian in nature,' van Kerkwyk said.

"Yeah, and you never would have thought that before Covid," Rogan said. "There's so many of them like Justin Trudeau. 'He's a sweet, handsome fella.'"

Stripes got shown.

Oh my God, on so many people. Gavin Newsom, so many f*cking people.

Trudeau instituted another set of strict Covid measures, which caused backlash in the form of the Freedom Convoy last winter.

Prime Minister Trudeau doubled down on division concerning the convoy on February 14 invoked Canada's Emergencies Act to quell the convoy. Russell Brand, among others, called Trudeau a tyrant for the act.

In California, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom implemented some of the harshest Covid restrictions in the country. He created curfews, enforced unless one was at a BLM protest, ordered mandatory vaccinations for school children, and signed a bill aimed at punishing doctors who spread Covid "misinformation" in October of last year.

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