MUST WATCH: Joe Rogan Talks With Maajid Nawaz (Episode #1780)

2 years ago

Joe Rogan talks with Maajid Nawaz. Nawaz is a former Islamist turned counter-extremism activist, author of multiple books, and public speaker. He was the founding chairman of Quilliam, a counter-extremism think tank that sought to challenge the narratives of Islamist extremists and, until January 2022, was the host of an LBC radio show on Saturdays and Sundays.

This must-watch interview covers a lot of ground, including:

• The experiences Maajid Nawaz had growing up as a young Moslem in Great Britain.

• How Nawaz became an Islamist and spent time converting others to the cause.

• How Nawaz ended up being imprisoned and, while imprisoned, was transformed by an encounter with Amnesty International and fellow inmates who came from diverse backgrounds and held a wide range of religious and philosophical perspectives.

• How Nawaz spent years meeting with leaders like George Bush, Tony Blair, and Justin Trudeau attempting to help western powers understand the vital importance of living up to their ideals when dealing with Islamist extremists. For example, if you are for human rights, you don't run covert programs that arrest people, detain them in foreign lands, and secretly torture them; you don't invade countries and try to force your will on them; you don't arrest, imprison, and kill people indiscriminately, without due process.

• How language is being weaponized for political gains and agendas.

• How Nawaz stopped working with nation state powers because they were always looking for ways, especially in emergency situations, to increase their power. "Emergencies," notes Nawaz, "are always used by the state for power grabs."

• How there should have been -- and needs to be -- an informed debate before allowing governments to force people to get vaccinated without their consent for the sake of the common good. The state, argues Nawaz, cannot legitimately say that vaccines are safe and effective when there have been no long-term studies to prove they are. The state can also NOT be counted on to wield invasive power without abusing it.

• Governments and pharmaceutical companies need to be rigorously questioned before determining if what they are saying is true and accurate, especially if they have a history of lies and deception. Pharmaceutical companies, for example, have been fined billions of dollars for illegal activities that killed and injured thousands of people. The assumption that pharmaceutical companies (and nation states) are acting in our best interest "needs to be interrogated."

• How all-cause morality rates are showing a spike in deaths in Great Britain. A 25 percent spike in heart attacks is also being reported. Nawaz believes vaccines are causing these spikes.

• Nawaz says that it is important to ask questions when things don't make sense. But these days, notes Nawaz, people who start asking questions about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines loose their jobs, are stigmatized, and censored. That's what happens in tyranny, when you start questioning the authorities. "When people are trying to shut you down, the says more to me about what's going on than anything else."

• Nawaz discusses coverup, censorship, and conflict of interest issues that emerged around the COVID virus and the Wuhan Lab. He also discusses how coverup, censorship, and conflict of interest issues also plagued all other aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including masks, lockdowns, and mandates. "Eventually the truth came out, but it had to be fought for. That tells me that . . . the people who were involved in suffocating the truth and smearing dissidents . . . they weren't acting in our best interest."

• Nawaz discusses how the powers that be are planning to introduce "central banking digital currency (CBDC)." This new digital money is intended to replace today's money. It's how people will be paid for good and services in the future. But there's a big problem with this money. Reading from a U.K. article, Nawaz says "Digital cash could be programmed to insure that it is only spent on essentials or goods which an employer or deems to be essential." There is, according to Nawaz, another word for all of this: "The Chinese Social Credit System."

• Technology, according to Nawaz, disrupts power structures. "What happened when they invented the printing press? The power structures who up until that moment were reading the Bible for you and were telling you that you will pay this priest x amount of favors and he'll forgive you your sins. And that became a bribery system which is what Martin Luther was so upset about when he pinned his thesis to the wall. The printing press disrupted that power dynamic because people could read the Bible for themselves and they began realizing the power structures were manipulating what was written to control people. Now nobody in hindsight is going to argue that printing and its invention was a bad thing for humanity. But at the time, it led to war . . . It disrupted power so much that people began rising up and it led to this 30-year period of war which eventually led to the reformation and the rest is history. What, today, is the Gutenberg Press? The internet. The decentralization of information and then . . . the decentralization of currency in the form of cryptocurrency is disrupting power."

• Nawaz discusses how The World Economic Forum, via The Great Reset and Young Global Leaders, is one of the main ring leaders in promoting global centralization.

• Finally, Nawaz discusses how China is aggressively encouraging, coercing, and manipulating other nations to follow their Social Credit System model.


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