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Self-Defense Immunity Win! Use-of-Force Expert Roy Bedard for the Defense

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On the evening of May 29, 2021, Luis Casado shot and killed a man on a sidewalk outside a bar in St. Augustine FL, after being subject by that man to a barehanded attack.

Indicted on a charge of manslaughter with a weapon, Casado demanded a self-defense immunity hearing, as permitted under Florida law.

The result of the four-day immunity hearing was a grant of immunity by the hearing judge, freeing Casado of criminal liability for this killing, and preventing the prosecution from bringing him to a costly, time-consuming, and risky trial.

The entire immunity hearing was televised, providing us with an unusual opportunity to observe an actual self-defense immunity hearing in the wild, so to speak. Not one to let such an opportunity pass, I'm going to cover each day of that self-defense immunity hearing in a series of four shows, starting today with the first day of the hearing.

Today the defense continues presenting it's narrative in favor of self-defense with a variety of witnesses, including several expert witnesses, not the least of which is the rather well-known use-of-force expert Roy Bedard (who has testified competently in the Curtis Reeves "movie theater popcorn" trial, less favorably the Michael Drejka "handicap parking spot" trial, and many other high profile use-of-force cases).

Join me LIVE TODAY at 11 AM ET time for the second day, part 4, Day 3 of the Casado self-defense immunity hearing!

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