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Conservation Initiative | Waqf Forest | Short Documentary

At the tip of Sumatra. Aceh. A community built silently. Refuse forest destruction.
Movement strength began to be built from the nearest community. Capitalize on familiarity and friendship.

Waqf Forest.
The first large-scale tree planting action was carried out in 2017, from land purchased from a local resident.
A researcher from the National University, Fachruddin Mangunjaya participated in planting. According to him, this "Waqf Forest" is a "show window".
Two initiators, Azhar and Akmal. They also organize rafting activities there. A very important river in Aceh. Rafting is intended as a media campaign to save rivers and watersheds.
Planting trees is a main activity. More and more people are involved. From various backgrounds of expertise.
Environmental volunteers continue to join this community. Local volunteer. Domestic volunteers, and from around the world.
Others have made direct observations. The others have consistently and regularly donated.
At the national level, the Faculty of Law Indonesian University has helped socialize this program.

Official website of community is https://www.hutan-tersisa.org/

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