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By 2030, you will OWN NOTHING and be HAPPY. Or will you? Not if we find out the truth, resist, and co-create a world for US, The 99%!

The Great Reset is not just a slogan or a conspiracy theory. This is 1 of the 8 World Economic Forum (WEF) predictions. Watch their video

WEF was born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Klaus Schwab’s mentor, Henry Kissinger. Sulzer AG, in Schwab's earlier years, where he was director, would go on to break international law by aiding the South African apartheid regime in its illegal thermonuclear bomb program.

Klaus Schwab, founder & executive Chairman of the WEF, in his book, "COVID-19: The Great Reset" published a few months after the start of Covid 19 outlines his plans for the world. Quoting Schwab, WEF’s Young Global Leaders have penetrated numerous Countries’ Cabinets and become Presidents, Prime Ministers, or CEOs. During the coronavirus pandemic, several WEF Young Global Leaders played prominent roles, promoting zero-covid strategies, lockdowns, mask mandates, and digital ‘vaccine’ passports. In contrast, there was a totally opposite approach from those who are not affiliated with the WEF. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get the truth, with the censorship of independent professors, doctors, journalists & politicians and the fact that mainstream media, Google & ‘fact checkers’ are funded & controlled by the same people behind this diabolical plan.

This might be the most important 1 hour 51 min you spend, unless you don’t mind ending up ‘owning nothing’, being tracked & 24/7 surveilled (under your skin, as per WEF Agenda Contributor, Yuval Noah Harari) and ending up with CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), UBI (Universal Basic Income) and eventually Social Credit System. The ”Great Reset” echoes the real, unspoken of plans behind UN Agenda 21, now known as Agenda 2030. (more of this in Part 2) Lastly, to understand why they say “you will be happy” when you own nothing, is where the METAVERSE comes in (more of this in Part 2):

A call to action: Please share this film with everyone you know, and don't know. We are the ones we are waiting for. Working together, we can co-create a future independent from the WEF, WHO & UN

Be critical thinkers and do your own research. All gratitude and credit to everyone in the excerpts used in this video, curated in South Africa: The Corbett Report Episode 403 – Meet the World Economic Forum (from 1hour47.30) The HighWire with Del Bigtree, Episode 278: Radical Truths Health And Homestead:Great Reset- What do they think of people who will live in the country? “The Megadeath Intellectuals of the Great Reset” by Reese Report /April 2022 based on the great work of independent investigative journalist, Johnny Vedmore (Unlimited Hangout) with award-winning activist, journalist & lawyer Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, and investigative journalist, Johnny Vedmore Is the Great Reset Happening? - The Rich Dad Channel/Robert Kiyosaki @1MarkMoss NBC News: Gates Uses Farmland As Investment Vehicle, Owns Over 250k Acres
11) Kim Iversen: GREAT RESET Has INFILTRATED Cabinets Around The World With Young Leaders Like Trudeau
13) Rebel news: Christine Anderson reveals why she scorched Trudeau in front of the European Parliament In a Hearing, Pfizer director admits the Covid injection was never tested on preventing transmission
19) Senator Alex Antic: Senate Speech 30 March 2022 about the WEF
20) Fox news: Rand Paul: This is the danger of a one-world government Christine Anderson Member European Parliament
22) Ty & Charlene Bollinger’s 9 part docu-series, “Propaganda Exposed”
24) Welcoming Remarks and Special Address | Davos | #WEF22

25) Yuval Noah Harari: Panel Discussion on Technology and the Future of Democracy
29) Yuval Noah Harari- Humans, Gods and Technology | VPRO documentary | 2017
30) Yuval Noah Harari Q&A Session at the WEF Annual Meeting 2018
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34) Dutch commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek about farmer rebellion
35) Russell Brand: The Great Reset Is HAPPENING! Dr Pippa Malmgren at The World Government Summit 2022
41) Yuval Noah Harari Gives A Brief History Of Tomorrow
42) Samuel Leeds-WEF: The Most Evil Business in the World
43) WEF: Will the Future Be Human? - Yuval Noah Harari
44) Nationalism in the 21st Century - Yuval Noah Harari at the India Today Conclave 2018 Yuval Noah Harari ve Daniel Kahneman Söyleşisi
46) Yuval Noah Harari on The Era of the Coronavirus: Living in a New Reality

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