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Curated in South Africa, this film exposes the real "Sustainable Development" goals of UN Agenda 21, now known as Agenda 2030, in planning for many years.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN) have signed an agreement to accelerate this plan for the world, which coincides with the plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in which their founder & executive Chairman, Klaus Schwab, clearly outlines in his book, "COVID-19: The Great Reset" published a few months after the start of Covid-19. One of the 8 predictions on their website is that by 2030 you will OWN NOTHING and be HAPPY:

This curated compilation/video explains their plan with excerpts from Sky news, great documentaries, interviews, Senator hearings etc. like “The Big Reset Movie”, “The New Normal” Documentary, the “Plandemic” and the “The Best Kept Secret” Documentary series, Australian Politician Hon Ann Bressington, Rosa Koire, Vera Sharav, Senators Alex Antic & Malcolm Roberts, Sean Stone, James Bermas, Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, Dutch politician Thierry Baudet, Sky News host Rowan Dean, Kim Iversen and Robert F Kennedy jr.

Part 1 can be viewed here:

You might wonder why “you will be happy” when you will own nothing…..this is where the METAVERSE comes in, also explained.

Unfortunately, with the censorship and the fact that mainstream media, Google & ‘fact checkers’ are funded & controlled by the same people behind this diabolical plan, it is very difficult to understand the real meaning behind “Build back better”, “The Great Reset” and/or “Agenda 21/2030”. Just a few months ago the words “New World Order” was a conspiracy theory, now it is openly spoken about by Politicians. The title of this year’s (2022) World Government Summit was even called “Are we ready for a New World Order”

This might be the most important 1 hour 45 min you spend, unless you don’t mind ending up ‘owning nothing’, being tracked & 24/7 surveilled (under your skin, as per WEF Agenda Contributor, Yuval Noah Harari) and ending up with CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), UBI (Universal Basic Income) and eventually Social Credit System. To understand more about the World Economic Forum’s role in apartheid South Africa and the influence that the WEF Young Global Leaders Program have in Governments, watch Part 1 of Countdown 2030:

Our gratitude to everyone who is in the film and who contributed to its vision, making, and sharing.

Call to action: Power is Knowledge in Action. Please share this video and arrange screenings. And lets work together to co-create a future independent from the WEF, WHO & UN

Be critical thinkers and do your own research. Herewith links to the excerpts used in this video:

All gratitude and credit to everyone in the excerpts used in this video, curated in South Africa:

1) “The Big Reset Movie”

2) 2 Feb 2013 - Australian Politician, Honourable Ann Bressington exposes UN Agenda 21 (now known as Agenda 2030)

3) 30 July 2019 - Senator Malcolm Roberts: UN's Agenda 21/2030 destroying Regional Communities

4) 2013 - Rosa Koire, District Branch Chief for the California Department of Transportation for 28 years (expert witness on land use and value) on Agenda 21/2030) 8 Sept 2022 from 5.30 (from “a new study…” to 6.16 (stop after “fact”)

5) 2013-Rosa Koire, District Branch Chief for the California Department of Transportation for 28 years (expert witness on land use and value)

6) 7 Dec 2022, Sky News Australia-Prepare for 'climate lockdowns': Rogue British council wants to strip you of freedoms

7) World Government Summit 2022 Livestream: Day 1


9) UN and WEF announce to accelerate Agenda 2030

10) Feb 2010 Ted Talks Bill Gates



13) Kim Iversen: So-Called CONSPIRACY ‘New World Order’ Now Touted By China, Russia, Biden, Klaus Schwab

14) May 2013 Honourable Paul Hellyer - Hearing UFO Disclosure

15) “The New Normal” Documentary by Happen Network

16) Thierry Baudet on Operation Lock Step/Rockerfeller Foundation in Dutch Parliament

17) “The Best Kept Secret” Documentary

18) Yuval Noah Harari: Panel Discussion on Technology and the Future of Democracy

19) Nov 28, 2019 | Yuval Noah Harari - Humans are now hackable animals
20) Nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide | Yuval Noah Harari
21) Yuval Noah Harari on The Era of the Coronavirus: Living in a New Reality

20) 30 Nov 2022 Senator Alex Antic: Rise of the Digital Surveillance State - Senate Speech

21) COVID is expanding in China: Not enough indoor quarantine sites, more crazy and absurd Measures Sky News Rita Panahi 2 Sept 2022 - Net Zero, COVID, Big Tech

22) Kim Iversen: The Great Reset, Global Elites Claim “You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy”


Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor & founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection │Aug 2022

24) Corporate Capture: Truth About Biopharmaceutical Industrial Complex With Dr Robert Malone

25) Interview 1718 – Sean Stone on The Best Kept Secret

26) JAMES BERMAS NASA HUMAN contaminated machines


28) (with WHO whistleblower Dr Astrid Stuckelberger)

29) Dr Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War


31) Gravitas Plus: The Metaverse Explained


Great links to get to know Maurice Strong: 2015

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