Why Fishes are My favourite Dish and the Path to an awakened Spirit ❤️ The Great Gospel of John thru Jakob Lorber

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Jesus explains…
Why Fishes are My favourite Dish & The Path to an awakened Spirit…

THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN – Volume 9, Excerpt from Chapter 116
Revealed by Jesus Christ thru the inner Word to Jakob Lorber

116,10. Mary sat at My right hand and Joel at My left. Directly to the right of Mary sat Kisjona, Philopold, James and John, and on My left the 4 Indo-Jews. After them the friends of Kisjona and the friends of Mary, and then all My disciples. And so, as already said, the large table was all set, in the best of orders.

116,11. First came the well prepared noble fishes from the Sea of Galilee, of which I ate quite a few, as did Mary, and since she herself was experienced in preparing fish, she could not praise the good preparation of these fishes enough. But upon the table were also fried chickens, two fat lambs and a complete calf, all well prepared, as well as fruit of the very best kind, which the disciples and the other guests enjoyed immensely. I, however, remained with the fishes, though Mary thought I should at least taste a bit of everything.

116,12. But I said: “May everyone eat what his stomach yearns for. I sated Myself with the fishes, and My body has no need of anything else in this world. But do not pay attention to Me, eat whatever tastes best to you!”

116,13. Thereupon both Mary and I partook of yet another fish, with bread and some wine. The four strangers, however, enjoyed everything the meal had to offer, as did My disciples. Only the numerous disciples of John traveling with Me did as I have.

116,14. Finally, Kisjona himself said to Me: “Lord and Master, why will you not have a taste of the other dishes as well? You know that everything I offer is fresh, clean and excellently prepared.”

116,15. Said I: “My dear friend, please do not worry about Me. It is enough that I take care and watch over all of you. Everyone, be of good cheer for as long as I walk among you in this manner. Soon will the time come when I will only be in your midst as the spirit of faith and love; then you will no longer be as cheerful and happy upon this Earth, and you will have to endure much, for the sake of My name. Right now the entirety of the Kingdom of God is in Me and with you, thereafter, however, you will have to seek, find and keep it within yourselves. So, again, be of good cheer. At this time I eat only fishes, for they resemble most closely humanity’s current level of understanding. Within Me they shall reach the life, the spiritual life, and its light!”

116,16. Said one of Kisjona’s friends: “But Lord and Master, how can one compare fishes to men? Surely a fish is and remains the dumbest of all animals. Even a worm that crawls along the ground appears to be more intelligent than the most noble of fishes.”

116,17. Said I: “Your are not entirely wrong, but still, at this point in time, men, for the most part, are even dumber than the fishes in the water.

116,18. If you want your hauls to be abundant, fish at night in the light of torches. From this you can conclude, at least in a natural sense, that fishes certainly do not shun the light, since they gather in great numbers where they perceive it.

116,19. I, however, am the Light of all light, the Life of all life! But look now at the people, and you will be surprised at how few there are who love Me in their hearts and have faith in Me, swimming towards Me in the water of their worldly mentality and allowing Me to take them into the Kingdom of God. That is why I compare only those few people to to fishes – which are My favorite dish – who recognize Me as the true Light of the world and as the Sun of Heaven, swimming towards Me and allowing Me to elevate them to the eternal life. Do you understand this illustration?”

116,20. Said the friend: “Yes, Lord and Master, now I do understand it, and You always do things according to Your unchangeable order, which also is a gospel to everyone who has more opportunities to observe You than we have. Still though, surely a greatly awakened spirit is required to understand such a gospel.”

116,21. Said I: “Everything can easily and surely be accomplished with the right means in hand, and if properly applied. And so man can quickly and easily awaken the spirit within him as well, if he possesses the right means, and applies them properly. The right means is the true, pure and active love for God and for one’s fellow man.

116,22. However, he who wishes to love God, must first believe that there is a God, who, since He Himself is Love in totality, is the eternal foundation of all things in the whole of infinity.

116,23. How can man achieve such faith? The surest way is by means of the revelations, by listening to God’s Word and by understanding the will of the eternal love.

116,24. Once man has come to understand that will, he must completely submit his own will to the will of the eternal love and highest wisdom in God, and allow the will of God to consume him as a well-prepared meal, just like these fishes. Thus he will become completely permeated by the Spirit of God, and from Him emerge as an entirely new creature to eternal life.

116,25. Whoever accomplishes this in themselves, has awakened the spirit of life and wisdom within himself upon the proper path and by the right means, and he then will find a truly comprehensible gospel within the nature of the Earth and all its creatures, as well as in the moon, the sun and the stars.

116,26. Friend, should you wish to fully awaken in spirit, then follow My advice, and soon will everything you are still apprehensive or doubtful about become clear.”

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