Purification and Ascension of Spirits in the Beyond... Jesus explains ❤️ The Third Testament Chapter 29

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THE THIRD TESTAMENT Chapter 29 – Revelations of Jesus Christ
Purification and Ascension of the Spirits in The Beyond

Remorse, Repentance, and Self Incrimination
Thus saith the Lord…

1. I do not wish that your spirit be stained, nor that you die to the true life, that is why I touch you with My justice when I find you indulging in unhealthy enjoyments and pleasures. Your spirit must arrive clean to My bosom, the way it was when it left it.

2. All who leave a body in the bowels of the earth and leave this world in a state of confusion, upon beholding My presence manifested in the light of the infinite that illuminates the consciences, awaken from their profound sleep, weeping and with desperate remorse. While the pain of the child freeing itself from its sorrows continues, the Father also suffers. (228, 7 – 8)

3. Remorse and torture from lack of wisdom, and suffering for lack of the spirituality necessary to enjoy that life, these and more are present in the expiation of the spirits that come stained or without preparation to the threshold of the spiritual life.

4. Do you see how I cannot take sin, imperfections, or the perversity of men as offenses against the Father, knowing that the evil done by men is to themselves? (36, 56)

5. How luminous would your lives be, and how great the advance of your sciences if you loved your neighbors and did the will of your Father, if you would sacrifice something of your free will and work in accord with the dictates of your conscience. Your science would then touch the superhuman upon surpassing the limits of the material world, for as of this moment it has not yet approached those limits.

6. What surprise the spirit of the scientist feels when it abandons this world and comes to present itself before the Divine truth. There He bows his head in shame, praying that his pride be forgiven! He believed He knew all and could do all, and denied the existence of anything beyond his knowledge or comprehension; however, upon finding himself in front of the Book of Life, before the infinite work of the Creator, He must recognize his smallness and cover himself in humility before He who is absolute wisdom. (283, 48 – 49)

7. Do not fear, thinking of all your earthly sins, to come to the spiritual valley. If you allow the pain to cleanse you, that repentance surge forth in your heart, and if you struggle to repair your faults, you will arrive clean and worthy before My presence, and none, not even your conscience, shall dare to mention your past imperfections.

8. In the perfect mansion there is for each spirit, a place that waits in time, or in eternity, the arrival of its possessor. One by one, you shall come to My Kingdom on the ladder of love, charity, faith, and merit. (81,60- 61)

Compensating Justice

9. Few disciples I have had in this world and even less in number the ones who have been like the image of the Divine Master. In the spiritual realm I have many disciples, for that is where there is more advancement within the study of My teachings. That is where My beginners, those who thirst and hunger for love, receive from their Master what mankind denied them. That is where those who were ignored on earth, on account of their humility, glow because of their virtue, and where those who glowed with false enlightenment in this world weep with sadness and repentance.

10. In the hereafter, is where I welcome you in a manner that you did not expect on earth, when you restitute tearfully but praising Me. It does not matter that along your journey you had a moment of desperation. I will take into account that you had days of great distress and that in them you demonstrated resignation and you blessed My Name. You too in your smallness have experienced some Calvaries, although these were caused by your disobedience.

11. Behold, that for a few moments of fidelity and love for God, you obtain times of life and grace in the hereafter. In that way My eternal love responds to the temporary love of man. (22, 27 – 29)

12. Every good deed will have its reward, which will not be received on earth, but in the Beyond. But how many of you would like to enjoy that glory here on earth, unaware that He who does not work toward his spiritual life, will be without merits on entering it, and his repentance will be great. (1, 21)

13. He who goes about seeking the honors and praise of the world, shall have them here, but they will be of short duration and will serve him for nothing the day of his entry to the spiritual world. He who seeks money, shall have his reward here, for that was what He sought; but when the time comes to leave it all here, to present himself in the Beyond, He will have no right to claim compensation for his spirit, though He may believe He has done much for charity.

14. In contrast, He who has always renounced the praise and favors, and who has renounced all material prizes, being busy sowing goodness, and who enjoys performing charity, is not thinking of prizes because He does not live for his own satisfaction, but for that of his fellow men. How great will be his peace and happiness when He is in the bosom of his Lord. (253, 14)

15. During this period I have come to bring you a teaching that is pure and perfect. Thus, I say to you that at the end of your journey, only the true deeds of love that you practiced will be accepted, because it will demonstrate that you knew the truth.

16. Although you might not know the value of a good deed while doing it, do not think that you will never become aware of the good you have done. I say to you that each one of your works will be rewarded.

17. You shall see when you are in the Spiritual Kingdom how many times a small act, in appearance of little importance, has been the beginning of a chain of benefits, a chain that others went on lengthening, but which ends up always to the satisfaction of He who initiated it. (292, 23 – 24)

18. I inspire you to earn merit, not for you to be moved by selfish interest in your own salvation, but for you to act thinking of your brothers, and in generations yet to come whose pleasure will be great when they find the road prepared by those who went first. Then your happiness will be infinite, for the gladness and peace of your brothers shall reach your own spirits.

19. How different from those who seek only their own salvation and happiness, for they, on arriving to the place they have prepared by their works, cannot have an instant of peace or happiness contemplating those who remain behind bearing the heavy burden of their suffering.

20. Truly I tell you that the true disciples of this Doctrine practice deeds of love that are just and pure, as is their conscience, which is My own light. (290, 76 – 77)

21. If you behave with humility, your spiritual wealth will grow in the life that awaits you. Then you shall have peace that gives you the most beautiful sensation of your existence, and in your spirit the desire to serve the Father by being a faithful guardian of all created by Me, and by being a consolation for those who suffer, and peace for those who feel no tranquility. (260, 29)

The Ascension of Spirits to the Kingdom of God

22. This is the Third Era, in which your spirit, from the earth, may begin to dream of great knowledge and higher dwelling places, for He who upon departing this world bears in his spirit the knowledge of what He will find, and the development of his spiritual gifts, shall pass through many worlds without stopping in them until arriving to that which, through his merits, it corresponds to him to inhabit.

23. He shall be plainly conscious of his spiritual state, know how to carry out his mission wherever He finds himself, know the language of love, harmony, and justice, and know how to communicate with the purity of spiritual language that is thought. There shall be no dangerous obstacles, confusion, nor mourning, and He shall begin to live the supreme pleasure of coming closer to the mansions that belong to him because they belong to the eternal inheritance. (294, 55)

24. On the Divine ladder there is an infinite number of beings whose spiritual perfection allows them to occupy different steps according to the grade of evolution which they have reached. Your spirits were created with sufficient attributes to evolve along that ladder of perfection and to reach a certain level of evolution, according to the Divine designs of the Creator.

25. You do not know the destiny of those spirits, but I say to you that it is perfect like everything created by me.

26. You still do not understand the gifts that the Father gave to you, but do not fear, because later you will become aware of them and will see them fully manifested.

27. The infinite number of spirits which, like yours, reside in different dwellings, find themselves united by a superior force, which is that of love. They were created for struggle, for their elevation, not for immobility. Those who have obeyed My mandates have come to be great in Divine Love.

28. Nevertheless, I remind you that even though your spirits may have reached greatness, power, and wisdom, they will not come to be omnipotent since their attributes are not infinite as they are in God. However, they will suffice to take you to the peak of your perfection along the straight path which the love of your Creator traced for you from the first instant. (32, 34 – 37)

29. Your spirit shall have to pass seven spiritual stages to reach its perfection. Today, while living on the earth, you do not know on what step of the ladder you find yourselves.

30. Although I know the answer to that question from your spirit, I must not tell you the answer now.

31. Each stair, each rung, each mansion, offers greater light and more perfect joy to the spirit; but supreme peace, and the perfect happiness of the spirit, are beyond the fleeting dwellings of the spirits.

32. How many times will you believe you feel perfect happiness within the bosom of God, not realizing that this happiness is merely the promise of the next world, to which you will pass after this life. (296, 49 – 50)

33. How many there are who dream of dying, with the hope that it will be the moment when they arrive before Me to adore Me eternally in heaven, not realizing that the road is infinitely longer than they have been able to believe. To ascend one rung on the ladder that leads to Me, it is necessary to have known how to live a human life. Ignorance is what causes many to confuse the essence of My lessons. (164, 30)

34. Because of man, the elements of destruction have been unleashed, and war has sown its seed in every heart. Oh, how much pain humanity has felt! How much desolation, misery, abandonment, and mourning they have left in their path! Do you believe that the spirits of those who have fallen in the battle perished? Or that the part of life, of eternity, that inhabits men has ceased to exist?

35. No, people, the spirit survives war and death. That part of My own Spirit rises from the fields of pain, and seeks on My road a new horizon to continue living, developing, and evolving. (262, 26 – 27)

36. I have given the earth to you to possess equally, to live on in peace, and take as a temporal home in which you will develop your gifts and prepare your spirit to ascend to its new dwelling place.

37. I said to you: “In the house of the Lord there are many mansions.” You will know them as you ascend. Each ascending grade will bring you closer to Me, and will be reached by you according to your works, for all is subject to a Divine order and justice.

38. No one may impede your passing from one step to the next, and at the end of each one of them, there will be rejoicing and celebration in your spirit, and also in Mine.

39. In this way I prepare you to know that the road that you must take is long; do not be satisfied with your first works, believing they will open the gates to those mansions.

40. Also, I tell you, it is beautiful and satisfying for a spirit to come to the end of a stage, and stop to look back at the road already traveled, its great struggles, its days of bitterness, and the hours of peace after overcoming the numerous obstacles.

41. And, finally, the triumph, the compensation and justice glowing around you, and the spirit of your Father, present and glorious, blessing his son, bringing him to rest in his bosom while He is being prepared for the next step, and thus passing from one to the other until finally you arrive at the highest fulfillment: to reside eternally in Me. (315, 34 – 36)

42. The spark that makes man similar to his Creator shall come ever closer to the infinite flame from which it sprang, and that flash of light shall be a luminous, conscientious being vibrant with love, full of wisdom and strength. That being shall enjoy the state of perfection in which there is not even the smallest pain or most minor misery, but perfect and true happiness.

43. If this were not the destiny of your spirit, truly I tell you that I would never have given you to know My Doctrine through so many lessons, for the Law of the First Era would have been sufficient for you to live in peace on earth.

44. Yet, if you meditate on the fact that I came to live among men and promised them an infinitely better world beyond this life, and if additionally you remember that I promised to return in another Era to continue speaking, and to explain to you all that you did not understand, you will finally understand that the spiritual destination of men, is much, much higher than you are able to imagine, and that the happiness promised is infinitely greater than you can imagine or foresee.

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