Folkets Radio | The biggest health scandal of our time? (part 1)

1 year ago

Sven Román is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and one of the founders of Läkaruppropet (the Physicians' Appeal).

In this first interview since the spring of 2021, he helps us see the "elephant in the room" when it comes to suspected vaccine side effects. We sometimes see the outlines of it in the torrent of strange illnesses and deaths, but in the news these are consistently portrayed as isolated incidents without context.

The interview is complemented by several powerful testimonies, including an encounter with a young elite sportswoman who has been unable to play handball since taking the shot and a 54-year-old woman who is being denied a life-saving lung transplant because she has not been vaccinated.

Part 2:

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Contents part 1

0:00 Introduction

2:39 Läkaruppropet (The Physicians' Appeal) and the Bio-Medico Legal Network.

12:26 Round-up heat: where are we today?

18:39 Mechanism of action of the mRNA vaccine.

21:06 The four (three main) mechanisms of action for side effects from the mRNA vaccine.

25:24 On the "hump" of infected/dead immediately after vaccination and how studies and authorities record people who have recently received a vaccine dose as unvaccinated.

30:20 The French doctor Cecile talks about her medical network and the prevalence of menstrual disorders after vaccination, among other things, then Sven Román talks more about the prevalence of menstrual disorders after vaccination.

44:20 Decrease in childbirth in Sweden after vaccination.

49:15 Article on higher proportion of people with suspected serious adverse events after vaccination than hospitalised with covid-19.

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