Folkets Radio | The biggest health scandal of our time? (part 2)

1 year ago

Sven Román is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and one of the founders of Läkaruppropet (the Physicians' Appeal).

In this first interview since the spring of 2021, he helps us see the "elephant in the room" when it comes to suspected vaccine side effects. We sometimes see the outlines of it in the torrent of strange illnesses and deaths, but in the news these are consistently portrayed as isolated incidents without context.

The interview is complemented by several powerful testimonies, including an encounter with a young elite sportswoman who has been unable to play handball since taking the shot and a 54-year-old woman who is being denied a life-saving lung transplant because she has not been vaccinated.

Part 1:

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Contents part 2

0:00 The pathologist Ute Krüger, member of the Bio-Medico Legal Network of Läkaruppropet (the Physicians' Appeal), talks about "turbo breast cancer" after vaccination and Sven Román (SR) comments on this and on her and other pathologists' findings after autopsies of people who died after vaccination.

11:12 Per Shapiro reads anonymous testimony from home health nurse about increased frequency of pancreatic cancer and abnormal form of stroke in relatively young people, more of aggressive cancer and shorter life expectancy for those coming from palliative care team. SR comments.

14:48 Testimony: A woman tells about what happened to her 30-year-old partner and also the father of their 6-year-old daughter three weeks after he received the vaccine. SR comments.

19:04 Elite athletes who collapse: why?

23:31 Testimony: 20-year-old elite handball player Cindey Darrell has not been able to practice since the vaccination a year ago.

30:23 The response in health care for people who suspect they are vaccine injured.

33:28 Can the vaccine cause sensitivity to infection?

34:26 Years of life lost by the pandemic before and after vaccination.

39:15 Censorship of opinions that differ from the public view.

42:05 What will be the consequence of the issue of vaccine side effects becoming so infected? How has the Public Health Service dealt with the vaccine issue?

45:23 Testimony: Åsa Edman, who has an enzyme deficiency disease that requires her to have a lung transplant, is denied one if she does not vaccinate herself. SR comments.

52:03 Closing words: the US adverse event system VAERS: At how many suspected deaths is a vaccine withdrawn?

54:07 Post-interview addendum: Two charts (childbirth and life years lost) that have changed since the interview was conducted.

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