016| Holocaust Survivor's & Medical Activist's thoughts on the pandemic and Healthcare | Vera Sharav

1 year ago

Vera Sharav is a medical activist having founded the AHRP (Alliance for Human Research Protection) - an organisation working on on behalf of the people for proper voluntary & informed consent for medical intervention - Vera & the AHRP are in no small part the reason we're aware of a lot of medical and scientific malpractise - from illegal experimentation on foster children with AIDS vax & drugs to drug regulators having to acknowledge the suicide risks associated with anti depressants (yes - the pills give you suicidal ideation - I wish I was making that up) to name but a couple things she has brought light. On this episode of the podcast we talk about Vera's experience during the Holocaust and beyond, touching on elements of her survival there shaping and impacting her moving forward with the rest of her life, as well as the lessons we should have learned from the build up to the Holocaust - which we unfortunately clearly did not as our privacy and rights were categorically stripped away during the last three years of the pandemic. Don't take my word for it, as that's inflammatory - you've someone who experienced first had the loss of liberty in *one of* the worst atrocities in living memory. We also talk about what we can do moving forward to not only prevent this from happening again, but what will happen if we continue down the pathway we're currently heading down

As always links below for supplementary evidence!

1:18 Issues within media
3:25 Vera's history in the camps and on getting to freedom
11:50 On disobeying authority & Transhumanism
16:30 Parallels of the 1930's to the pandemic years
20:50 Utilisation of propaganda to instill fear and engineer compliance and gaining control
26:02 How and What Can We Do To Disobey 
32:08 They can control your finances and take your freedoms
35:10 Show me your papers
38:48 It's a pandemic of the who now?
40:10 March/April 2020 
41:35 Parralels in Germany T4 (Aktion T4)
48:25 The state of medicine today.
55:38 Who is the "they" pulling the strings?
58:00 Energy crisis 
1:01:00 The media culpability
1:04:00 Childhood vaxx schedule
1:08:30 Western countries are targeted 
1:12:00 Operation paperclip and beyond!
1:14:00 Population control ideologies 
1:16:00 Nobody is coming to save you this time
1:22:00 Is the Green Agenda a way to manipulate people further?
1:25:15 Parting words


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