Shaolin Wush

Published August 12, 2022 3 Views

The Henan Shaolin Hui – 河南少林會, was founded in Shanghai by Jian Jin Shan (蕑金山師傅) in the early 1900s. In 1974 Shifu Woo Chia Meng (胡介民師傅 1913-2010), an instructor at the original Shanghai association, founded a not-for-profit association under the name Honan Shaolin Association, Golden Dragon Team, Inc.™ 河南少林金龍會, in New York City. In 1984, Shifu Woo introduced the Shaolin Golden Dragon to the Calgary Chinese community in Canada and put one of his senior disciples in charge of the Calgary, Alberta, Canada Branch Association. This first branch team was incorporated as a not-for-profit society under the name Honan Shaolin Wushu Cultural and Historical Association © in Alberta, Canada.

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