Recipe no. 20. Emergency Rations!

1 year ago

A new recipe EVERY DAY.

The recipes are all Seignalet (pronounce it "Saynyalay:) diet legal. French professor of medicine Dr. Seignalet put 91 chronic, so called "incurable" diseases into remission with this diet. You can read more about Dr. Seignalet and his diet here: Or you can watch my introduction to "Nutrition - the third medicine" (my translation of the title of the as yet untranslated book):

The above is the description on my youtube version of this video. The following would get me an instant ban and the removal of youtube channel. I've already had 2 warnings.

The Seignalet diet is part of my protocol to reverse the effects of the mRNA jab which is designed to kill you. As Edward Snowden said: "We no longer have a leash on government". (Did we ever?) With automation now proceeding at an exponential rate and "the Singularity" just around the corner, the billionaire class has decided that we are surplus to requirements. Covid-19 and the so called "vaccine" are both bioweapons. The jab is meant to kill us. The MSM and big tech social media are suppressing the truth: many people have died or been severely injured by the jab. If you have been jabbed with the clot shot it is now urgent to use my survive the jab protocol to reverse the effects.


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