Chris's introduction to "Nutrition - the third medicine" by Dr. Jean Seignalet

2 years ago

"Nutrition -the third medicine" is my translation of the title of the 700 page book by French professor of medicine, Dr. Jean Seignalet (pronounce it "Shon Saynyalay") who put 91 chronic disease into remission with his "ancestral" diet.

In this video I try to give you an insight into what his (as yet untranslated) book contains. I hope this will be of special interest to publishers. If you contact me I can put you in touch with Dr. Seignalet's daughter who can sell you the English rights to the book.

You can see Dr. Seignalet's results tables (translated by me) at 22.15.

Dr. Seignalet died in 2002 and this last (5th edition) of his book was published in 2003. In the last ten years there has been a huge amount of research into vitamin d. Mainly by Professor Holick and it's now apparent that vitamin d deficiency is implicated in every one of the diseases Dr. Seignalet's diet reverses. The Seignalet diet on its own does not always achieve full remission. I think 100% remission is much more likely if you follow the diet AND get plenty of sun or tanning bed exposure or supplement with vitamin d.

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