Full West Point lecture by Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War

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1 year ago

This lecture remember was given quite casually in 2018, how far have they come? The covid experiment rollout is the answer to that question, now we have to ask even more disturbing questions. I had barely begun raising those questions, it was the reason I was executed from Social Media.

I was and will continue asking them.

The war on humanity is real and they have a head start. We all knew this had a purpose but who & why, the how is exposed here. Now I think more folks can start to connect more of those "trans-humanism" dots and the war our own evil establishments are waging on us, on we the people. They fear we the humanity, the "Borg" are real.

Here we are 5 years from the date of this lecture, and just like the Borg, when you look around at MSM they would have us believe resistance is futile. I will never comply, I will never surrender, I will never forsake everything for the collective and we have run out of time to deny the fact that we are quickly getting to the time where it may be our last chance to make that choice.

The full interview is available here: https://rumble.com/v1fnjgh-full-west-point-lecture-by-dr.-charles-morgan-on-psycho-neurobiology-and-wa.html

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