Leaked video: Planning propaganda to push the death shots on the Jews of Baltimore

1 year ago

"Building trust", "ambassadors", "people who look like me"...

"It almost feels like bribing." "It IS bribing." "Right."

Remember this propaganda from the Erev Rav of Baltimore and the Five Towns? https://rumble.com/vlxs8v-rabbis-robots-and-rodfim.html

It was obvious that this was being funded and scripted from "unsavory" sources, but leaked information shows direct links to the worst of the worst. See below.

Original source: Emes News at https://www.bitchute.com/video/kplUZOERLINt/

😲 Were you shocked and pained by the infamous “Baltimore Rabbis” video telling everyone to “get vaccinated”, when it was obviously scripted, and the Rabbis clearly did not have medical knowledge or safety data on the vaccines to be making this judgment call medically or Halachically?

Have you been horrified by the Baltimore Bikur Cholim vaccine drive, injecting innocent babies with mRNA gene therapy ClotShots in Nordstrom, and their partners in Jewish Baltimore, who set up vax clinics in Seven Mile Market and wherever else they could find victims? Have you heard about the many vax-injured in Baltimore?

Well, now you finally get to meet the woman who says she is behind the Baltimore Rabbis’ video, and who coordinates much of the poison injections in Baltimore, herself. While she’s not actually Bikur Cholim, she works alongside them, and claims responsibility for the other vax clinics. She is very proud of all the “good work” she’s done, causing so many of our fellow Jews to be injected with the shots.

Meet Laura Kurcfeld. In this video, she lays out her strategy for obtaining the community’s trust and convincing them to vax. Among other things, she has an army of trained volunteers embedded in the community, talking to people they meet. And repeating the message of “safety” again and again until it’s believed.


Laura talks about her “support” (funding) from the City of Baltimore.
In the links at the end of this message, you can learn where this funding originated from. See how the Baltimore Rabbonim covid-jab-video and the other initiatives to vax up Baltimore were actually secretly funded by the Rockefeller and Soros' foundations.

PLEASE EMAIL the following people/organization and express your horror at the destruction wreaked on the community by their actions:
1) Bikur Cholim of Baltimore
2) Rabbi Hopfer, Rav of the Bikur Cholim
VALUE Baltimore funded and scripted the Baltimore Rabbis' video.

"VALUE Baltimore" (Vaccine Acceptance & Access Lives in Unity, Engagement & Education)
is part of BmoreVaxxed.org,
which is part of Baltimore Equitable Vaccination Initiative
which is collaboration between the Rockefeller Foundation and Baltimore-based stakeholders, anchored by Open Society Institute-Baltimore (OSI), to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines in Baltimore City.

VALUE (Vaccine Acceptance & Access Lives in Unity, Engagement & Education) Baltimore is a public-private partnership of the Baltimore City Health Department, Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center, Morgan State University, Maryland Institute College of Art’s Center for Social Design, and Jhpiego, among others. VALUE works with respected members of Baltimore’s VALUE communities to build trust in the health system, educate the community, and promote unity to combat COVID-19 and other health issues.

BmoreVaxxed.org and its social media channels were created by the Baltimore Equitable Vaccine Initiative (BEVI) to help share accurate, engaging messaging to encourage all eligible Baltimore City residents to get vaccinated. BEVI is a collaboration between the Rockefeller Foundation and Baltimore-based stakeholders anchored by OSI-Baltimore to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines in Baltimore City. The Baltimore City Health Department, Black Girls Vote, and Baltimore Corps are among BEVI's key communications partners. For more information, email bmorevaxxed@opensocietyfoundations.org.

Open Society Foundations is George Soros. This is coming straight from the top.




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