Steve Kirsch On Fox News: "This Vaccine Is The Most Dangerous Vaccine Ever Created!"

1 year ago

Steve Kirsch:

"This vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine ever created by man. It is a thousand times more deadly than the smallpox vaccine and that's too unsafe for people to use."

"Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by this vaccine, and millions have been injured. You are more likely to be injured or dead from the vaccine than if you were unvaccinated."

"There is a conservation radio show commentator, his name is Wayne Root. He had a wedding eight months ago . . . And he found that of the 100 people that were vaccinated, he had 26 people who were seriously injured, and he had 7 people who died. And in the unvaccinated group, he had 0 and 0. That it's statistically impossible if the vaccines are safe."

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Steve Kirsch On Fox News: "This Vaccine Is The Most Dangerous Vaccine Ever Created!"

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