Part 1 of 8 - The LAW - There is no Justice System

1 year ago

1.) The LAW - There is no justice system
- A Summary of Land, Air, Water and why we have no more justice in America

2.) The Foreign Invasion of 1871
- An explanation of how they took over our country by swapping out the foundation of our original Governments in each state

3.) The Death Star vs the Alliance
- Now you are going to have to make a choice. Join the enemy and represent the Mafia or join the Republic and represent We the People.

4.) President Lincoln was a Genius
- Lincoln saved our country by protecting the original State Republics

5.) Status, Standing and Character – Are we Acting Belligerent?
- This is how they keep us confused, we don't know who we are nor who we are going up against - it's time learn how to take HIGHER GROUND.

6.) We Gave them Control
- Unfortunately we are all tangled up in their system, the only way out is to restore our original republics and transition our energy and focus.

7.) They are after our Sol, Sole and Soul
- St Peter's lost writings foretold us that we would have to go back to Babylon to RELEASE our SOLES and find the Keys to the Universe.

8.) What to Do Next
- Stop feeding the Beast, it's time to find your original state seal and state and to seek out your temporary Governor so that you can plan a fair and safe election under a Republic where your vote ACTUALLY COUNTS.


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