Prof Anthony Hall on Canada’s Truckers Movement & Political Prisoners

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Hall’s recent articles in Global
Article for this discussion between Drs. Hall and Barrett
Global News Item Based on Interview with US Ambassador to Canada, David Cohen
Coutts, Canadian Anti-Hate Network, Diagolon, Global News
Emotional Overview with Choir
7:15-9 minutes: Coutts
0-3:15 intro
End Illegal Blockades, “Police called for it”
Cameron Ortiz, Another example of Trudeau’s manipulation of legal process to obfuscate, deviate cover up, and induce criminalization before any trial takes place, Contrast between Trudeau’s words and Truckers in Ottawa.
Were Loaded Firearms Found?
Debate in Canadian Parliament on Swastika and Jewish Issues
David E. Martin on Trudeau’s Criminal Role
Schwab, Trudeau, Canadian Cabinet penetrated
Freeland is reported in Rebel News to have announced,
“the government has ordered banks to review their relationships with anyone involved in the blockades and report them to the authorities. As of today, any bank or financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze or suspend any account without a court order and will be protected from civil liability “for actions provided in good faith.”
“This is about following the money,” stated Freeland. “This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades and occupations. We are today serving notice. IF your truck is being used in these illegal blockades and occupations, your corporate accounts will be frozen. The insurance on your vehicle will be suspended. Send your semitrailers home.”
Freeland on Imposition “Illegal Blockades and Occupations”
Trudeau Bragging about buying media
Trudeau claims he can overpower human rights based on Loophole. “Majority rights, 1 second to 24 seconds
Daniel Bulford, Former RCMP sniper explains how weapons are possibly being planted by law enforcement to smear truckers
Dowd on Banning, All-Cause Mortality Should Have Stopped this thing in its tracks.
Ukrainian “”Right Sector” in Canada, after 1 minute 35 seconds
Christine Anderson Chastizes Trudeau in European Parliament
“as a man who tramples on fundamental rights by persecuting and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists just because they dared stand up to his perverted concept of democracy. [Trudeau] should not be allowed to speak in this House at all.”
Joe Rogin Condemns Trudeau
Mislav Kolakusic Croatian MP in EU parliament. Priceless!
Mislav Kolakusic Croatian MP in EU parliament. Priceless!
“…. Canada, once a symbol of the modern world, has become a symbol of civil rights violations under your quasi-liberal boot in recent months. We watched how you trample women with horses, how you block the bank accounts of single parents so that they can’t even pay their children’s education and medicine, that they can’t pay utilities, mortgages for their homes.”
“To you,” he continues, speaking to Trudeau, “these may be liberal methods; for many citizens of the world, it is a dictatorship of the worst kind.
Rest assured that the citizens of the world, united, can stop any regime that wants to destroy the freedom of citizens, either by bombs or harmful pharmaceutical products.”
“Freedom, the right to choose, the right to life, the right to health, the right to work for many of us are fundamental human rights for which millions of citizens of Europe and the world have laid down their lives,” Kolakusic began.
Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes
Fall of Justin Trudeau Has Begun
Chossudovsky on Release of Pfizer Internal Documents
Drew Barnes, Alberta MLA, in Incarceration of Tamara Lich
Senator Gerard Rennick, Mess in Australia, Blatent Abuse of Power. “Vaccines Don’t Work”
Overview of situation in Canada by Sky News Australia
Investigation into Emergency Act
Emergency Act Might Be Used Again
Above all, Trudeau is a globalist. After his election victory in 2015, he announced that Canada was the world’s first “post-national” country. In words few other world leaders would dare to utter, Trudeau declared that Canada has “no core identity, no mainstream.” The New York Times breathlessly declared that Trudeau was poised to “redefine what it means to be Canadian….. Canada is less a global hotel than a slow-motion train wreck. The recent trajectory of Canadian history suggests that, if Democrats get their way, “more Canada” in America’s future will only leave her “angrier and more divided” than ever.
In its agenda to criminalize the Truckers, the Trudeau government could not find in Ottawa the evidence it wanted to make the desired case. In fact Barry MacKillop, Deputy Director of FINTRAC, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, indicated to the Public Safety Committee in Parliament during the the week prior to Feb. 14, that “What is happening in Ottawa has not been, to my knowledge, identified as ideologically-motivated violent extremism.”
Barry MacKillop, Financial Transactionsand Reports Analysis Centre
Truckers and RCMP Hug, 13 Feb, 2022
Grant Hunter, Part of Kenney Government, wanted to demonstrate to Grandkids “the importance of standing up for freedom and liberty.”
Injections and Murder, Fuellmich et al.
CTV News Diagolon
“There was a plot to kill RCMP officers”
Paula Tran, “Anti-hate experts concerned about possible neo-fascist involvement at Alberta trucker convoy,” Global News, 15 Feb., 2022
Anti-hate experts are raising concerns after a picture of weapons, ammunition and body armour seized at the border protest at Coutts, Alta. showed patches belonging to a neo-nazi group in Canada.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network tweeted on Monday that gear seized by police at Coutts includes a plate carrier with Diagolon patches. According to the network, Diagolon is an accelerationist movement that believes a revolution is inevitable and necessary to collapse the current government system. It wants to build its ideal nation-state, which runs diagonally from Alaska through the western provinces down to Florida.
It is also a neo-fascist militia with a sizeable support base across the country, said the network.
video Jeremy MacKenzie on Diagolon, start at say 50 seconds

Anti-Hate Network Diagolon
Bernie Farber’s Now Magazine Article Article Defaming Me
Premier Peckford Speaks on Charter at BC Legislature
The US Ambassador to Canada, David Cohen, has characterized the members and supporters of the Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy as “extremists” who are “subverting democratic processes and voices to further the cause of authoritarianism.”
As reported by Canada’s Global News, Cohen elaborated,
“China and Russia are among the actors involved in those attempts to subvert democracy, but also domestic forces including elements in the trucker convoys that blockaded the Canadian capital and border crossings for three weeks earlier this year.”
David L. Cohen Comcast
City TV, Diagolon. MacKenzie
Trudeau on small fringe minority
France Outlaws Canadian-Style Freedom Convoy

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