Connecting to your GENIUS!

1 year ago

Did you know that young children live in an extraordinary zone of genius?

They are almost 100% connected to it.

Yet by the time that child is 22, he/she has shut this genius down to 2%.

Dr Howard Gardner from the US conducted a fascinating study, called project Zero, where he explored broad spectrum intelligence.

This includes things like creative intelligence and emotional intelligence, and how people showed up in different areas of life.

For 25 years, a group of people was investigated.

What they discovered was that you are able to access your genius and your creative abilities at 95% at age 4 or 5.

As you get older, say your mid-teens, it had dropped to 15%.

So it has gone down from 95% to 15%.

By the time you are in your late teens and early 20 you only have access to 2%.

That means that we live our whole life only accessing 2% of the potential we came into the world with.
We were born full of radiance, completely free, and bit by bit, this shining diamond (our essence), got covered over by pain, trials, stress and dramas.

We got disconnected from this vast field of consciousness and abundance, of genius and creativity, and started to live from a small place.

Life became a struggle.

Our attention was turned away from wholesome abundance and drawn to scarcity, survival, problems, war, diseases, and other difficulties.

The good news is that you CAN tap into your zone of GENIUS today.

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