You shall have no other gods before me - An interview with Del Bigtree

1 year ago

Del Bigtree is a former Emmy winning producer of the CBS talk show The Doctors. He is the producer of the documentary VAXXED, which is credited with igniting a revolution against Pharmaceutical Tyranny around the world. Now Del’s internet talk show, The HighWire, is the fastest growing program in the Natural Health arena, and his not-for-profit group ICAN (the Informed Consent Action Network) is leading worldwide investigations into drug and vaccine fraud.

In this episode we discuss the following:

- Why Del left his career as a producer on the CBS show “The Doctors” to make the movie “Vaxxed” with Dr Andrew Wakefield, who was a controversial figure in modern medicine.
- How Del was tipped off about a whistleblower inside the CDC, Dr William Thompson, who was saying that the CDC were committing scientific fraud on vaccines. The executive producer of “The Doctors” would not allow this story on the show due to the sponsor, Merck.
- How there is direct-to-consumer marketing in the USA, and 70 % of the paychecks of everyone in media is paid by the Pharmaceutical industry.
- How The HighWire is a not-for-profit entity, there are no sponsors dictating what stories can go ahead.
- “The HighWire Protocol”: all data used for the shows are documented on the HighWire website.
- How Del did a show on The HighWire in Feb 2020 discussing the possibility that the SarsCov2 virus was created in a laboratory, and how that was received by the public and the media.
- How The HighWire facebook page and youtube accounts were removed by those platforms in mid 2020.
- The coordinated effort to censor those that speak against the vaccines and the discussions around early treatment.
- How censorshop in media is happening at the executive producer level.
- How mainstream media is totally corrupted and for Del it is ‘dead’. Del has more viewers on The HighWire then he ever had on “The Doctors” at CBS.
- The interview on The HighWire on the Covid-19 pandemic that impacted Del the most and why.
- Del discusses the Tess Lawrie / Andrew Hill interview (see link below)
- The Geert Vanden Bossche HighWire interview with Del containing the famous Gridiron football analogy.
- How Heidi Larson stated at a WHO meeting that our doctors are having a hard time explaining how vaccines work to their patients and that they are lucky if they have a half day course on vaccines in their 8 year schooling.
- How one of the big hidden dirty secrets of the vaccine plan has been that the vaccines wear off, the immunity provided by the old vaccines is not life long - unlike natural immunity.
- Del explains why he founded ICAN (the Informed Consent Action Network) in 2016.
- The law passed in Washington DC, not only allowing 11 year olds to consent to vaccination without their parent’s consent, but to also hide the vaccination from their parents. ICAN’s lawyer, Aaron Siri, contested this law in court and won. Del explains what that law had entailed.
- The new vaccine bills currently being proposed in California.
- The recent poll in the state of Iowa that showed only 34% of people support a mandated childhood vaccination program, down from 60% just prior to when Covid started, and how the COVID-19 vaccine program has damaged confidence in the other childhood vaccination programs.
- Why China has decided not to roll out either of the mRNA technology Covid-19 vaccines.
- The “Future Framework” for COVID-19 shots, which is being proposed this June to the FDA, whereby any new COVID-19 shots will not need to go through an approval process. Are we going to live in a world where every new drug has no safety studies?
- Del discusses the issues around the Blood bank and receiving blood from an unvaccinated donor having needed a blood transfusion last year himself.
- With everything that has happened in the last 2 years with the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent vaccine rollout, Del discusses what has disappointed him the most and what has been the biggest positive to come out of this period.

Websites and Papers referenced in the interview:

- The HighWire website

- Dr Tess Lawrie sends a video letter to Dr Andrew Hill one year on from his U-turn on ivermectin

- “For God and Country” video containing the Pfizer prototype story.

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