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Dr Ryan Cole is a pathologist, board-certified in clinical and anatomic pathology, and is the CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics.

Warner Mendenhall is a lawyer of 24 years and the Principal of the Mendenhall Law Group, in Ohio, USA. He has a lot of experience representing whistle blowers in the past and is part of the legal team representing Brooke Jackson in the current case against Pfizer, regarding fraud in the COVID-19 clinical trial.

Craig Kelly is the leader of the United Australia Party (UAP), the party with the largest number of members in Australia.

Senator Gerard Rennick is an Australian politician who has been Senator for Queensland since July 2019. He is a member of the Liberal National Party (LNP).

Liz Mann was the Organic Development Officer for Australian Consolidated Milk, working with organic dairy farmers in Victoria. She sits on 2 agricultural boards and is the executive officer of 2 industry bodies. She holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree. Liz suffered adverse effects from the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination.

In this episode we discuss the following:

- Liz Mann tells her story. She had her first (and only) COVID-19 vaccination on November 23, 2021. Liz was coerced by her employer Australian Consolidated Milk. Liz details the coercion and the communication between herself and her employer. Liz has both heart and neurological damage.

- Liz’s Pfizer batch has been revealed as having only 64.5% RNA integrity as per a Freedom of Information (FOI) request that was raised to the TGA (Therapeutics and Goods Administration). Dr Cole comments on the ramifications of truncated RNA in the vaccines and batch purity issues.

- Warner Mendenhall is one of the lawyers representing Brooke Jackson in the upcoming Pfizer trial. Warner reads from the Pfizer defence filing to reveal that Pfizer has a “PROTOTYPE agreement” to supply vaccines, not a standard federal procurement contract.

- Pfizer have said “You are claiming we violated all these regulations but we don’t have to follow them as it is a prototype."

- Warner relayed the following information from a manufacturing whistle blower from a Pfizer manufacturing plant. The soup story. There is an issue with manufacturing the mRNA vaccine on scale. In the big Vats, the LNP (fat) separates and rises to the top. It cannot be stirred aggressively, or the mRNA will break. Hence there is not a consistent product in the vials, vials from the bottem contain little or no mRNA, and vials from the top contain far too much. They are issuing an adulterated product.

- Senator Rennick had produced information from an FOI raised by one of his constituents (FOI 295). It states that the TGA does not set integrity and purity requirements for mRNA vaccines. The sponsor does.

- Senator Rennick also confirmed that many Australians had approached him and logged their information on his webpage regarding coercion for a second shot after injury from the first, like Liz Mann.

- Dr Ryan Cole discusses the danger of the spike protein and the LNP, and recommends that this platform for vaccines should be ceased indefinitely.

- Craig Kelly discusses the legislation he tried to put through to ban the vaccine mandates.

- Craig Kelly discusses a new manufacturing plant proposed for Australia.

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