David Spunt provides the LATEST on Durham Investigation 5/24/2022

Published May 24, 2022 4,702 Views
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David Spunt: "This FBI agent was on the job not long at all when she was handed this massive assignment. Her name is Alison Sands.She was assigned to the bureau's office in Chicago when somebody put on her plate to look into the potential link between the Trump organization and a Russian Bank.

Alison Sam was on the standfor most of the time yesterday. She was told the information was coming fromthe Department of justice, not Michael Sussman, who did once work at the Department of justice.It's possible the wording was lost in translation by the FBI, but still, it's quite a piece of the puzzle.Dana and Martha.

Michael Sussman charged with lying to the FBI when claiming he had evidence of a secret communications back channel between the Trump organization and Alpha Bank, a bank with ties to the Kremlin. The FBI found no evidence ofa Trump Organization Russia connection. Sussman said in a text message that he was delivering information on his own as a concerned citizen, not on behalf of any clients.But special counsel John Durham says his team has plenty of evidence showing that suspect actually build the Clinton campaign for that meeting.

Also yesterday on the stand, Bill Prestep.He was the former headof counter intelligence for the FBI. The priest step was called as a government witness.He may have heard the government's case in a bit because he could not remember much about Michael Sussman coming to the FBI eye in 2016.
More testimony today continues with FBI agents.
This trial, expected to wrap by Friday, could go into next week.
We're still waiting to see if the man himself, Michael Sussman, will testify."

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