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Zebras wrestle and play joyfully, unbothered by watchers 53s

Zebras wrestle and play joyfully, unbothered by watchers

This video captures playful zebras in a once thriving drive-through zoo called Six Flags Wild Safari in New Jersey. Animals of all sorts could be observed here. These playful zebras seemed to be having the time of their lives frolicking in the meadow while seemingly unaware of observers in their own cages (which we call cars). Even the other animals were keen to watching these lovable animals. But notice how they get close to the herd of other zebras and suddenly get a kick! At one point the giraffe seems to meander over to see what is going on. The zebras seemed to be wrestling and goofing off in general. I remember this being a real treat to see animals up close. Zebras can live up to 25 years in the wild and can run up to 40mph. They are social animals but don't be fooled by their elegance or how peaceful they seem. They can be aggressive! The stallions fight for females with piercing bites and powerful kicks. This fierceness and social bond helps protect them from predators. They stopped allowing cars back in 2012 and now have controlled guided tours on an off road truck under what is called Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari. Now in 2018, the zoo boasts 1,200 animals from 6 continents including elephants, rhinos, tigers, giraffes and lions. I would guess that the new Safari Off Road Adventure is a safer method of observation. Animals can be unpredictable and adding unpredictable humans into the mix could be a recipe for disaster. This footage is from a Sony 8mm video camera recorded in August 1994. Antiquated by today's standards so it is probably not what people are used to seeing these days with HD resolution and such. But it is still good enough to see the playfulness of these animals.

Published: February 20, 2018
Adorable baby licks her lollipop to sleep 37s

Adorable baby licks her lollipop to sleep

This adorable baby just can't put the lollipop down as she drifts off into sleep. Video was taking of this cute little lollipop sleeper during a recent trip. With all the noise in the car she had no problem sleeping. She sure enjoyed that lollipop and must have dreamed all about it for a while.

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Woops I changed my mind. 30s

Woops I changed my mind.

Dashcam footage of car on the highway that decides at the last second that he is in the wrong lane. It would have added 20 minutes to his commute if he didn't notice in time. At least he signaled to change lanes.

Published: February 13, 201812 views
Driver experiences vertigo driving through this 48s

Driver experiences vertigo driving through this

This is a parking garage exit ramp that continues to circle around and around until you reach ground level. Even though the tunnel is marked down only, the driver still had a fear that there would be a car going head on towards him and that at any second there would be a collision! He went round and round for what felt like minutes to him. In reality it was mere seconds. Driver experienced some vertigo going down this multi level parking lot tunnel. He experienced dizziness when he came to a stop at the bottom and had to stop for a few seconds. It was a left turn all the way down as he went from the rooftop level all the way down to street level. It also took him a few seconds to adjust to daylight while the head spinning needed to stop. This must be common to drivers in the big city like New York where parking is a premium and parking garages are everywhere. But for this particular driver, this was sort of an event to go into and out of this tunnel. Driver commented that there should be some kind of safe guard to prevent wrong way drivers. Something like those one way Traffic Spikes that they have at car rental places.

Published: February 12, 2018
Speeder changes lanes recklessly 30s

Speeder changes lanes recklessly

Watch this dashcam video of a driver heading east on a highway. The speed limit here is 55. Driver is in the right lane and was getting up to speed from an on ramp. He signaled to change lanes and saw that everything was clear. As he was about to move left, a speeding car suddenly passes him out and cuts in front of him nearly sideswiping in the process. Speeder also narrowly misses the car in the center lane as he makes the change to get into the right lane. You can see him continue on blazing a trail down the highway. Out of state plates too.

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Over the Road Videos Dashcam Compilation, bad driving. 3m55s

Over the Road Videos Dashcam Compilation, bad driving.

This is a compilation of dashcam footage captured over about a year. Normal everyday commuting always includes seeing bad drivers. Nobody is immune to occasional driving mistakes. Perhaps even myself. There are redlight runners, stop sign roll throughs, accidents, bad lane changing, car cutoffs and careless driving in general. Seeing dashcam footage can always be looked at for its entertainment value. More importantly, it is to raise awareness of your own driving habits and to make other drivers and pedestrians aware of all kinds of road activity. Drive safe.

Published: February 1, 201831 views
Millipede starts chemical warfare 56s

Millipede starts chemical warfare

Take a look at HD video of this Millipede. Footage was taking while camping "under the stars" at a New England state park. You can find these creatures all over the world and practically anywhere there are leaves. Although they look quite disturbing and even dangerous they are usually harmless to humans. They are not poisonous but some can produce a fluid that can be irritating and in rare cases cause allergic reactions to some. The defensive spray of these creatures even contain hydrochloric acid. Remember science class? The chemicals produced can burn or blister the skin. Between stink glands, that emit a foul odor and nasty tasting compound to repel predators, all this can be considered one of the first chemical warfare weapons. Be sure to wash your hands after handling! They are able to kill small pray but nothing as large as a person. They generally eat decaying leaves, dead plants, suck plant fluids and some eat fungi. I still wouldn't have wanted this to crawl over me while sleeping! Evidence suggests that they were the first to live on land and therefore amongst the oldest known land animals. They have been seen to grow as long as 11-15 inches. The one here was about 4 inches. Interestingly and contrary to popular belief, they do not have 1000 legs as the name "milli" implies. Actual record holder is 750 legs. There are 2 pairs of legs per body segment. When these arthropods hatch, they have only 3 pairs of legs and life span can be up to 7 years. And here is an interesting part. They have what are called "gonopods" or "sex legs" that aid in reproduction. They are also known to make good fish bait and even pets. Perhaps there is some experimentation to cross a millipede with a turkey?

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Guy thinks he is tough clearing snow dressed like this37s

Guy thinks he is tough clearing snow dressed like this

Every family has one of these. The guy that thinks he is tough. This "tough guy" thinks he is immune from the elements. Or just a plain weirdo. He is ready for the beach in shorts and sandles. But it is winter and no beach weather exists right now in this New England town where a blizzard just ended with record cold temperatures. However, this is not stopping this guy from going out and clearing the snow in the frigid cold! Perhaps he is visualizing a hot day when he would be mowing the lawn? The only burning happening on his skin is going to be windburn or frost bite.

Published: January 29, 2018146 views
Dashcam captures near collision with school van full of kids32s

Dashcam captures near collision with school van full of kids

Dashcam captures a morning commute. There is heavy traffic along this road most likely due to that bright yellow ball in the sky. It is really blinding. Which is probably why the van carrying school kids nearly collided with the driver. Witness how the van crosses over a couple of lanes into the driver's lane. He does signal however. The driver states, "I did not see the turn signal as I had my eyes on the road trying not to be blinded by that nuclear ball of fire!" The van does appear to hit the car but driver says it did not. He also said, "I had to swing into the breakdown lane and ride the rumble strip to avoid the collision. That's why I have a dashcam for these sorts of things. In case something like this happens." The bus should not be so quick to change lanes especially in those blinding conditions. He also crossed over a solid white line which the driver believes is not allowed. He did observe kids in the vehicle so they are lucky not to witness anything bad happen. There are many stories of buses flipping, colliding and getting into accidents. The ones that happened to children are the worse kind. Driver doesn't believe the bus driver had any idea of what happened and probably continued on his way blissfully unaware of the near death experience of all involved. Drive safe my friends.

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Jeep vs tank truck road rage 1m13s

Jeep vs tank truck road rage

A dashcam captures what appears to be some road rage in the making. As driver is heading down a 2 lane highway behind a tank truck a jeep is coming up on the on-ramp. That on-ramp then merges with the lane that the tank truck is in. I see what's happening and anticipate that the merging vehicle may want to slow down and get behind the tank truck so I move over. The jeep appears to be in a blind spot but has plenty of time to adjust speed to get behind. But the jeep seems to insist on staying in that lane perhaps thinking it was a 3rd highway lane. The two vehicles seem to come real close to sideswiping each other. When he realizes he will not win against the tank beast, he slows down and gets behind. But it is not over. Perhaps during a fit of road rage, without signaling, he changes lanes and gets in front of me. He then speeds up to get side by side with the truck, taps on brakes and then increases speed slightly. He then suddenly cuts the tank truck off leaving merely inches between bumpers. It seems obvious that the jeep let off on the gas to close the gap. Considering the weather at this time and slippery road conditions, this was not a smart move. It could have been a real disaster. Perhaps the tanker didn't see the jeep coming up the on-ramp. He probably had no idea that they nearly sideswiped each other seconds earlier. Even if he did see him, it is no reason for the jeep to act aggressively after the fact. He should have been the bigger person and let it go. Clearly a demonstration of reckless driving, road rage and immature behavior. Oh, and the snow on the jeep? In CT there is an “ice missile” law whereby fines range from $75-$1250 for the non removal of snow off of vehicles. Drive safe everyone.

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Youngster gorillas fight then dad shows up 1m23s

Youngster gorillas fight then dad shows up

This is video from a recent trip to Animal Kingdom, in Orlando Florida. I came across this gorilla exhibit with some hilarious stuff going on. So gorilla's are impressive majestic creatures in my opinion. Right? Not just similar looking to humans but behavior is uncanny at times. Like children playing or perhaps arguing, fighting too. I am not sure if this is typical gorilla behavior but feel free to comment if you know anything. These animals seemed oblivious to the fact that they have an audience. They are going about their daily life, hanging out, gathering food and eating. They are playing and wrestling or is it anger fueled fighting? I don't know. But a couple of these youngster gorillas were really going at it with punches and even what appears to be a "nuggie." Sort of what big brothers do. At least that is what happened to me. These gorillas are rolling around for a bit. Punching, wrestling, and what looks like biting. Then the big gorilla, the father I presume shows his domineering presence and then they suddenly stop as if knowing that they shouldn't be doing that. Is he getting ready to discipline or is his stare good enough? I wonder what was going through his mind. At one point, one of the "witness" gorilla appears to take off in a way that says "I'm outta here, don't want no part of that." It was a great experience to observe these creatures. I am sure that gorillas are smart and strong. I would not want to meet one in a dark alley. Do they have a sense of humor? Emotions? What does their body language mean? All I can think of is King Kong whenever I see gorillas. This was one of the highlights of the trip. Enjoy the video!

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Highly paid state plow parks and waits for the snow to come 30s

Highly paid state plow parks and waits for the snow to come

Dashcam captures a state plow just waiting on the side of the road. No question that there is overtime involved here so they could be “milking” it. Time and a half or even double time? The highway roads are clear and there is nothing falling. Nothing is forecasted to be falling for a few hours. What is he doing? Warming up the truck? Dashcam owner has witnessed this many times. In a state where excess spending and budget cuts are the main topic of the news, seeing this just gets the blood boiling.

Bad driving leads to one big cluster truck 46s

Bad driving leads to one big cluster truck

This is crazy dashcam footage as I approached an intersection in Berlin CT. I witness this red light runner as I get closer to it. Perhaps minor but what happens next is funny. I had all intentions of stopping before the white line. But there is a truck making a right turn. A wide right turn. I am sure he has a green arrow. If not green, a right turn on red is allowed here. I frequent this intersection. I did not think he could make it so I backed up a bit. And it looks like he needs the room. So I backed up a bit more and a bigger bit more to allow him to complete the turn. Yes, I am good like that. Courteous. Like all of us drivers should be. Lucky nobody was behind me. He makes the complete turn. So now it seems everyone wants to get a piece of this and make it through the intersection. Check out the truck slipping his way under the light while I have the green. And then the bonus red light runner behind him! Perhaps I should have waited a bit longer for him to complete the turn before proceeding.

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Inexperienced boater nearly sinks1m26s

Inexperienced boater nearly sinks

This is Steve. He is the type of guy that will try anything once. In this case the guys planned a trip to a lake for a weekend of camping. So Steve goes out and picks up this boat on a whim. The aluminum boat and gas motor was all he thought he needed for the trip. What wasn't known was that it needed to be registered but that is another story. This gung ho boater throws it in the water and this happens. He is a small guy but you wouldn't think so after seeing this. We all thought for sure that he would sink it by the end of the trip.

Published: October 22, 201715 views
Dashcam captures reckless driver1m06s

Dashcam captures reckless driver

Watch this HD dashcam video of a drive through a couple of intersections. This video was made while bringing a car load of kids to an evening activity in a small town. The occupants observed this reckless driver who cut them off going through an intersection. Concerned for the children's safety, the dashcam owner gives this lunatic driver room. So while the traffic is building up ahead, the aggressive driver has no choice but to wait at the light and then once it turns green he then proceeds muscling and honking his way down the road. Where's the emergency? I am sure annoying all the other vehicles in the process. That could be construed as road rage in my opinion. At least that is how it starts. This dashcam owner has personally witnessed such road rage events in the past. So as the driver continues down the road he then blatantly runs through the next light narrowly avoiding the stopped car in front! Unbelievable, unsafe, bad driving. And on top of all that, he has a tail light out! This is why it is important to have a dashcam in the vehicle at all times. They are not expensive and range in price from maybe $25 for a cheap low resolution to hundreds for really good HD and features. This one was recorded with a Vantue R2 dashcam. Not to bad right? Had there been an accident, I am sure the crazy driver would have either took off or would have been just as aggressive confronting whoever he hit. This one was outright reckless behavior! No concern for anyone on the road. Everyone makes mistakes driving. I am sure everyone has had their own share of close calls and accidents. Please be safe out there. Watch out for kids and motorcycles too!

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Bug collector just couldn't bring himself to collect and pin these beautiful creatures1m14s

Bug collector just couldn't bring himself to collect and pin these beautiful creatures

This is a video of various butterflies captured at a butterfly conservatory in update New York. Notice how colorful they are. Many kinds were observed there that day. They even landed on folks walking around. As long as no attempt was made to pick them up, it was considered ok. I witnessed someone actively trying to pick one up. The attendant quickly put a squash to that. The person not the butterfly. This trip fit perfectly into a school biology class project. The project required the collection of bugs which entailed capturing and killing insects of various kinds. They would then be pinned and classified on a board for all to observe. These really are colorful and beautiful butterflies! After witnessing these magnificent creatures, the student just couldn't bring himself to collect the specimens needed for the project. The photographer(would be bug collector) has indicated that there is no entomology careers in his future. The student took an "F" on the project but still passed the class with a "B". Be kind to bugs.

Published: October 18, 201727 views
Beat the traffic with this little trick1m02s

Beat the traffic with this little trick

Driver takes this road everyday and traffic always builds up at this light. Things are made worse when you can't make a right turn on red because the lane is blocked by cars wanting to go straight. Sometimes this shortcut through the parking lot is in order! Just have to watch for the speed bumps. Driver figures it saved at least 6 minutes or 2-3 light cycles at this intersection that day.

Published: September 30, 20171,719 views
White Van Runs Red light30s

White Van Runs Red light

Busy intersection with everyone always trying to beat the light. In this video, the light is clearly green while the white van comes from the right and runs through red, only to be slowed down by traffic after that light. He didn't get very far now did he?

Published: September 29, 201710 views
Should I squish this yellow caterpillar? 1m14s

Should I squish this yellow caterpillar?

This insect startled the observer when it just strolled on by. Unusual looking creature in my opinion. Maybe it is common but this was the first time seeing such a thing. Yellow hair and a black head with tiny feet. I have no experience identifying and not sure if it is poisonous. Insect was not harmed.

Published: September 17, 2017128 views
Cutie pie toddler has hilarious time trying to sleep 1m04s

Cutie pie toddler has hilarious time trying to sleep

This adorable little girl was just tuckered out from a long day at the beach and just wanted to sit down and relax. I always thought I could sleep anywhere but this little one beats me. Observe her as her head bobs around like a little bobble head. How cute is that? She just can't find a good position sitting up in that chair. She even almost tips over as she dozes off. She finally does get to sleep although I am sure it was not that comfortable. But when you are tired, it doesn't matter! I didn't have the heart to wake her right then. We did end up getting her home a bit later into her comfy bed.

Published: July 24, 201749 views
Red Neck Hack on the Highway 1m05s

Red Neck Hack on the Highway

The driver was heading down the highway when he notices something strange about the car up ahead. As he gets closer it becomes more clear as to what is odd about this scene. No more room in the truck? Car is over stuffed? So this appears to be some sort of red neck hack to make more room for something more important! Necessity is the mother of invention!?

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Careless driver cuts off truck while running a red light 29s

Careless driver cuts off truck while running a red light

Careless or distracted drivers are a frequent occurrence at this intersection in Connecticut. Dashcam footage captures this instance of bad driving. Both sides get a left turn arrow at the same time. But the oncoming driver probably wasn't paying much attention and thought the green arrow was his queue to go straight and cutoff the truck! He seemed oblivious to the fact but his passenger seemed to be waving or doing something as they passed me. Perhaps she was giving him the 3rd degree.

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