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Hidden camera reveals what babies do during nap time2m54s

Hidden camera reveals what babies do during nap time

We know that kids can be a real handful and a challenge to raise, but the memories and love that they bring heavily out way those challenging moments. One such memories seemed to be created here as these two babies are supposed to nap together Mariah and Beckham are supposed to be napping, but user 'ninacecilia' wanted to know just what was going on in there. After reviewing the footage this hidden camera picked up, it's clear these two need to be separated for nap time! These two are adorable together! The way they interact with each other is amazing, it is almost as if they are all grown up! We knew kids grew up fast, but it seems that no one could have thought that they would grow up this fast! Who would have thought that two babies could create such a commotion together? What we do know is that these two make one adorable and entertaining duo together! Have your kids ever done something like this before? What funny activities have you caught them doing? Let us know down in the comments section below! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile!

Toddler breaks into tears after reeling in fish 54s

Toddler breaks into tears after reeling in fish

What an interesting turn of events going on in this video. It starts of as a normal fishing trip. The family gets out into the boat and everyone dips their lines into the water. This young fisherman had a surprising reaction after a few minutes goes by of his hook being in the water. When a 4 year old likes fishing but is very scared of fish THIS is the result! How cute is that?! At first, everyone is excited for this little guy hooking what presumably is his first fish. Even he seems ecstatic from the start. Then things turned quickly for the little boy. As soon as he realized what was going on, he began to bawl resulting in a hilarious moment for the rest of the family. How funny! A hilarious moment captured on video while on a fishing trip with the family. As this kid grows up, you can bet that this video will be shown again and again. Check out this hilarious reaction to catching a fish.

Mom can't leave these two alone by themselves 28s

Mom can't leave these two alone by themselves

Can a mom have some peace and quiet in the bathroom?! Before I went to the bathroom, Beckham (the older one) was feeding yogurt to Sebastian with a spoon, and I thought that was okay. Then when Beckham came to the bathroom to ask me to toast his waffle, I noticed something on his eye....and then I saw Sebastian covered in yogurt!

2 kids take on parenthood3m28s

2 kids take on parenthood

These two came up to me yesterday and said that they were a family… Mariah the mommy, Lennon the daddy, and the baby doll. I decided to follow them around and captured all of this. It's hilarious what came out of their mouths. I felt like I just witnessed what all that happens as a parent. Lots of arguing, telling each other what to do, crying, making mistakes, frustrations with each other, and of course looking out for your baby!

Identical twins react to Face Swap app2m22s

Identical twins react to Face Swap app

These girls are identical twins but they both believe they look nothing alike. Therefore they took this argument to Snapchat for some concrete verification through the Face Swap application. The result? Their uncontrollable laughter says it all!

Older siblings taste mom's breast milk 49s

Older siblings taste mom's breast milk

Johannah and Christian have a 3-month-old little brother - which is why there's a glass of mom's breast milk on the table. But what happens when they give it a taste? Christian's reaction is hilarious!

Cute baby dances along to 'Thriller'1m07s

Cute baby dances along to 'Thriller'

Watch (and dance) along to this adorable little baby as she rocks out to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. However, she may have had a little assistance. Credit to 'ninacecilia'.

Kid freaks out when he see dad 15s

Kid freaks out when he see dad "fake" cry

Watch the priceless reaction from this little guy after he witnesses his father "fake" cry. According to his mother, "Our son doesn't like to see anyone crying. If he does, he freaks out!" How cute is that? Credit to 'ninacecilia'.

Dad and daughter sing Frozen's 'Love is an Open Door '2m00s

Dad and daughter sing Frozen's 'Love is an Open Door '

Now this is how you create a memorable family moment. Watch as a father and daughter sing a spot-on version of the hit song from Frozen, 'Love Is An Open Door'! According to mom, "My husband finally broke down and made this sweet memory with our 5 year old! As my husband says, 'It's ok to let your wall down once in a while.' I loved how happy this made her (and me)."