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Never change, Case. Never change.27s

Never change, Case. Never change.

Two videos, a little over a year apart. As a kitten, Case loved to play with his toys in the bathtub. As as an adult, he still loves the tub, but doesn’t need a toy to get all silly.

Look at those little kicks! 6s

Look at those little kicks!

Luna has had just about enough of Case’s shenanigans. He pounced on her and she unleashed some machine gun kicks right to the head with her pink little toes making direct contact. Case was no worse for wear and they both ended up cuddled together at the end of the night.

Mathematical cat patiently calculates big time jump33s

Mathematical cat patiently calculates big time jump

Case really wants to jump on top of the armoire, but he's not quite sure he can make it. After studying all possibilities, he makes the dangerous leap. Will he make it? You'll just have to watch to find out!

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What sorcery is this? 10s

What sorcery is this?

Foster kitten Digger tries to get a “magically floating” pencil from underneath a glass table. His little kitten mind just can’t comprehend why he can’t grab that thing!

Smart Cat Treats Robot Vacuum Cleaner As A Personal Slave 40s

Smart Cat Treats Robot Vacuum Cleaner As A Personal Slave

On the modern household appliances market, robots vacuum cleaners are in great demand. The question arises almost by itself is whether pets can get along in the same house with this new “living and breathing” gadget, because it well known that cats and smaller dog breeds are afraid of vacuum cleaners. Many consumers buy a vacuum cleaner only to clean the hair residue from their pet’s coat. Therefore, one of the main factors when looking for a robot vacuum cleaner is the appliance’s power and quality. Another question that logically arises is whether the vacuum cleaner can harm the pet, or if the animal can break a vacuum cleaner. Not all animals can get along with smart technology that moves around the apartment by itself. Different types of pets have different attitudes toward the vacuum cleaner. Some can ignore it, and some are afraid of it, but at the first encounter the pet will observe the moving object, study its movements and the degree of danger it can probably afflict. There are 3 scenarios that are likely to unfold in the event of “adopting” a new industrious and smart home appliance: Cats and dogs would not care that the robot vacuum cleaner moves around the house. Over time, some animals get used to the gadget , stop fear it’s movement or the noise it produces, and their interest in the gadget would soon disappear. out of all possible scenarios, this is the best. The vacuum cleaner will be able to do its job without problems, and the beloved animals can sleep peacefully. The household pets would be afraid of the gadget. Most cats hide under the sofa when the vacuum cleaner starts. Here, noise is a big influence. If the vacuum cleaner is noisy, cats and dogs would be afraid of it. If it does not make noise, the animals will not hide, so it is best for your peace of mind that you go for the quiet option. Keep in mind that daily stress can adversely affect the health of your pet. Your bellowed pets would hasten to make friends with the robotic vacuum cleaner. Over time, the pet would get used to the gadget and would make first contact with it. Very often, you can come across a video on the Internet a cat is riding a vacuum cleaner. This is one of the forms of, let’s coin a new word for it: an “e-friendship”. At first sight, it may seem a good thing. And it is, but please keep in mind that manufacturers make a vacuum cleaner in such manner that the wheels can withstand the appliance itself together with the vacuumed load. And, if a properly fed cat, weighing more than 7 kilograms, climbs on it, the design would not withstand such a burden. There is a high probability of damage or breakage of the vacuum cleaner. The video we are about to show you features just such an “e-friendship:” we talked about in the third scenario. The cat behaves as if it does not notice the gadget in the sense it is not afraid of it, but in the same time it treats it as a personal slave, placing the best spot of its back for the vacuum cleaner to reach “that spot” and give it a proper massage.

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Super scruffy foster kitten plays with her siblings 19s

Super scruffy foster kitten plays with her siblings

Little Pip got off to a rough start - she was brought to the humane society with a couple of wounds on her arm and was much smaller than her siblings as a result. She’s eating like a champ and starting to catch up. Watch out world!