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A Jar of Natural Light9s

A Jar of Natural Light

I had this idea to catch some fireflies and place them into a jar and do a long time lapse exposure. I wanted to see how much light I could catch of them as they blinked. I was thrilled to see how amazingly beautiful the end result was.

Homemade soda explosion ends in epic disaster25s

Homemade soda explosion ends in epic disaster

When he tries to make homemade grape soda, this guy lets the carbonation sit for too long. He only let it sit for 18 hours, but it seems it should have been released sooner! Explosion, huge mess, all captured in glorious slow motion!

Baby's priceless reaction after getting 32s

Baby's priceless reaction after getting "dizzy" for the first time

Some daddy and daughter boding time. This little girl is getting the ride of her life in her daddy's arms. Who needs to go to an amusement park anyways? Watch as this little girl gets dizzy for the first time as her father spins in circles, holding her in his arms. She's clearly enjoying it! You can see as she starts bobbing her head, giggles uncontrollably, and a cute smile tossed into the mix. What a fun time to have with her father! It's all smiles and giggles with daddy. You can see the joy in her face, as well as her father's. Nothing like a father's idea of fun to make you laugh and smile. Oh yeah, and his love too. You can already tell that they are going to have a great father-daughter relationship as she grows up. You can't help but smile while watching priceless family moments like this! An adorable toddler giggles with delight while spinning around with dad for the first time. Watch this toddler spin with her dad!

Check Out This Adorable Baby and Daddy Duet52s

Check Out This Adorable Baby and Daddy Duet

How early do you think babies learn to communicate? The minute they come out of the womb, or does it happen a bit later? Or, along with those same lines, how early do you think their personalities develop? Some babies start to laugh from early stages, some to say few words like Mama and Dada but some babies start to sing. This darling little baby might look like a mere toddler, but that doesn’t mean he can’t belt out some music like the biggest stars out there! Babies and toddlers might not always look like they’re paying attention to their surroundings, but when you watch this adorable video, it becomes very clear that they are totally aware of exactly what’s going on. It’s kind of scary to realize just how much they notice when you think they’re not! This adorable baby joins and sings along with his dad as he plays the guitar? You can't help but smile while watching a heart-warming family moment like this! This beautiful blue-eyed toddler is Patrick. Patrick loves his father’s guitar and he loves singing songs with him. They have a lot of videos together singing all kind of songs! Like this video were they sing very heartwarming duet! Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad! He is an amazing dad who spends a lot of time with his son and has a lot of memories together! Keep up the good job dad!