Baby's priceless reaction after getting "dizzy" for the first time

Published June 9, 2016 11,446 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsSome daddy and daughter boding time. This little girl is getting the ride of her life in her daddy's arms. Who needs to go to an amusement park anyways? Watch as this little girl gets dizzy for the first time as her father spins in circles, holding her in his arms. She's clearly enjoying it! You can see as she starts bobbing her head, giggles uncontrollably, and a cute smile tossed into the mix. What a fun time to have with her father!

It's all smiles and giggles with daddy. You can see the joy in her face, as well as her father's. Nothing like a father's idea of fun to make you laugh and smile. Oh yeah, and his love too. You can already tell that they are going to have a great father-daughter relationship as she grows up.

You can't help but smile while watching priceless family moments like this! An adorable toddler giggles with delight while spinning around with dad for the first time.

Watch this toddler spin with her dad!


  • DaneAress35, 3 years ago

    this dad is really cool

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  • adamabb, 3 years ago

    Haha that laughter is so cute :)

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  • Petar97, 3 years ago

    hahaahahaahh nice :D

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  • agatam, 3 years ago

    Cool dad

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